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  1. try boot with the USBinstaller and choose your HD to boot, or use this flags: -f -x -v
  2. a mix of Madona with Justin Bieber not a good idea
  3. hodenhagen

    [CLOVER] não consigo fazer boot pelo HD

    From Terminal: #For format EFI Partition use command like: mkdir /Volumes/EFI sudo newfs_msdos -v EFI -F 32 /dev/rdisk0s1 or to repair EFI Parttion sudo fsck_msdos /dev/disk0s1
  4. hodenhagen

    Yosemite sleeps only first time

    pressed enter key on the PS2 keyboard to wake up on the first sleep..
  5. hodenhagen

    Yosemite sleeps only first time

    can be a problem with bluetooth or wifi , but this wake reason GLAN is some with Ethernet, try change the kext Ethernet for other that work to your card
  6. hodenhagen

    Journaling suddenly disabled

    diskutil enableJournal /Volumes/YourDiskName/
  7. hodenhagen

    PC Haswell un-usable after wake

    this can be a problem with some enabler like HDAEnabler or the kext for sound VoodooHDA, try remove and repair permissions /reboot
  8. hodenhagen

    DSDT Request: Asrock H97m-ITX-ac

  9. have copy the kernel to USBInstaller/System/Library/Kernels ? Fakesmc.kext is in /EFIClover/Kexts/10.10 ? "Boot UUID is:" Prompt". this is problem with UEFI drivers, try put Fakesmc.kext to S/L/E
  10. hodenhagen

    PC Haswell un-usable after wake

    Try to see what happens, look if fix your problem Patched.zip
  11. hodenhagen

    help, syntax error unexpected PARSEOP_SLEEP

    upload DSDT.dsl here
  12. hodenhagen

    Cannot boot into the installation

    Format a USB in FAT32 and install clover to USB, choose the drivers UEFI in the installer clover, try again, be sure that your bios is set to UEFI Mode
  13. try smbios MacbookPro8,1 in clover smbios, and your HD formatted in hfs+ or format in FAT32 , then in the installer UTILITIES chose Disk Utility and format to hfs+
  14. hodenhagen

    Cannot boot into the installation

    try reinstall the boot loader to your USBInstaller, put your USB in the first place to boot in the bios, or use F12 to boot your USB
  15. hodenhagen

    Help Hackintoshing for a new user?

    where is Fakesmc.kext ? if you not have this kext in Extra/Extensions or S/L/E of your USBInstaller this never go to work