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  1. FREE Mac Pro Cases

    I'll take one. How much is shipping?
  2. SOLD Included : iPad 32GB Verizon Original Box Original Manuals Original Charger Anti-glare Screen protector Smart cover. The iPad is still in warranty and I have the ORIGINAL receipt with it. You can always swap the iPad with a new one at the genius bar before the warranty runs out I'm trying to sell this by this weekend! Let's make it happen iFans. I believe in you guys!! Keep in mind that the refurb model is around ~580+ tax. Since the said iPad is still under warranty, you can replace it with a refub one without paying tax! Price is firm @ $500+shipping. I will send through Confirmed and Insured USPS package. Anywhere in the contiguous US. 347 746 6129 Don't worry about my number being posted online. I got it.
  3. iAtkos 5i also works on 5570z! i recently installed 10.5.5 onto the laptop and updated it using apple's software update without a problem. no kernel panics, although i had to reinstall some kext to get things working again but that wasn't a biggie. used efi v9 bootloader and i think i installed it with the vanilla kernel. the dell 1390 card works with some kext i found on this board. sleep also works wonderful. all in all the iatkos 5i was a success!