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  1. Help an idiot update to 10.6.4

    So does anyone want to help? Because googling "10.6.4 combo update" is useless, and tells me what I already said I know.
  2. Help an idiot update to 10.6.4

    So I'm guessing the recent regdate is because you've been banned for being a dick?
  3. Help an idiot update to 10.6.4

    Imagine me doing a confused shrug right now. I have absolutely no idea what that you mean by comboupdates, other than what apple software update has in it right now. Which I assume will break my machine.
  4. Alright, I'm running 10.6 on a g31m-es2l, with a 9600gt and an e5200. Beyond that, I've no bloody idea anymore. I installed using the "snowleo" distro on a certain bay of pirates. What's the safest way of updating without breaking the install? I need to get xcode up and running and I've not got any drives big enough to back stuff up on.
  5. Upgrade eMac G4 with iMac G3s DVD drive?

    Huh? All eMacs came with DVD drives, but not all of them can burn them. I know no iMac g3 drive can. Unless you mean the drive has been removed from the machine. In answer to your question, I don't think you can, as the iMacs drive uses a non-standard ide cable (ide + power). Unless eMacs use the same cable. Your best bet would be either to repair the iMac or get the eMac and another drive for it off ebay or something.
  6. Lost a disk, in need of help.

    Hello! I need the software restore disk (not install) for my iMac g3 DV/400, but i lost the one that came with my computer. Can anyone who has this disk please Make an image of it for me? the OS version is 8.6 btw, and the mac is from 1999.
  7. Whoopsie! Deleted the finder.

    thank you very much! I'll let you know if it works or not. EDIT: works perfect!
  8. Whoopsie! Deleted the finder.

    Uh. this is embarrassing. I deleted the finder.app in 10.5.6 trying to change the icon for the finder in the dock, but I screwed it up. is there any way of getting it back without doing an entire reinstall?
  9. GeForce 9600 GT natively supported in Mac OS X 10.5.6

    can anyone translate this into english? this is honestly useless for anyone who needs to find out how to get their 9600gt working under 10.5.6.
  10. 9600GT under iPC 10.5.6?

    I see you reading, not posting, trying to catch me ridin' dirty. EDIT: crisis over. i'll put this here for anyone using iPC 10.5.6: make sure the osx86 tools .app is in your applications folder (not its own), then use it to make a custom EFI string. if you don't move the .app, it will choke on install due to a dodgey applescript.
  11. 9600GT under iPC 10.5.6?

    Hi, i was told that the nvidia 9600gt was supported in 10.5.6, so i went with it. however, there wasn't any drivers for it during the install and the internet seems to be full of {censored} when i search for how to get it working. Everything else works fine, but what the hell am i supposed to do to get a working graphics card?
  12. Thanks again, but the bit i've bolded is something i've not heard of before. could you tell me about this? EDIT: After posting this the site went down, lucky me! Must be that my superpower is to cause static electricity through the internet!
  13. cheers guys! I'll do some looking around and get back to you if i need any more help. EDIT: okay, goin' with what pirloui said, i'll have: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L mobo Intel E5200 2.5ghz 2GB ddr2 500gb IDE / ATA whatever you want to call it for windows 40gb IDE / ATA whatever you want to call it for mac os x nvidia 9600gt graphics card onboard networking/sound/ machine that goes ping Does anything look like it would cause a compatibility issue?
  14. Okay, so i've just recently got enough money (and only just) to upgrade my pc. Obviously, i want to hackintosh it, but i need to reuse as many parts as possible. the pc will also be used to run games, so i can't put in an atom board with no PCI express. things the board needs to have: slots for DDR2 ram (old, i know, but I can't really afford more) IDE / PATA connectors at least one PCI-E 2.0 slot for my graphics card Problem is, i have no idea what mobo and cpu i should actually buy, and weather or not it will work with OSX. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Using Kalyway on a Macbook?

    Why did you get an osx86 build for a computer that is supposed to be able to run os x without hacks?