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    Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    Switch to a USB keyboard & mouse. Works 100% on my IP35 Pro. Same here. There is a patched ACPI with the Kalyway 10.5 DVD however it proved to be unstable for me. I just live with it for now and just leave the machine running.
  2. I've had the same result (no output) yet the Linux codec dump shows address 0.
  3. Solique


    I had some trouble with Knoppix in that it didn't present the codec file. I used an Ubuntu 7.10 live CD instead and that was fine. And one for the hard of understanding, like myself - don't launch the app then drag the file to the icon in the dock, drag the codec file directly onto the application file.
  4. In single user mode on my ALC888 (Abit IP35 Pro M/:( using AudioHDA3. Without the -v on kextload I just get the message that the extension was loaded successfully. I've attached the Linux codec output in its entirety. I had to correct the Subsystem id in this - it was 0x147b0000, fixed it to 0x147b1083. bash-3.2# kextload -v /HDAudio.kext kextload: extension /HDAudio.kext appears to be loadable kextload: loading extension /HDAudio.kext kextload: /HDAudio.kext loaded successfully kextload: sending personalities to kernel: kextload: from extension /System/Library/Extensions/IOPCIFamily.kext: kextload: IOPCI2PCIBridge-Name kextload: IOPCI2PCIBridge-i386 kextload: IOPCI2PCIBridge-PCI kextload: from extension //DAudio.kext: kextload: HDAudio kextload: sending 4 personalities to the kernel kextload: matching started for /HDAudio.kext IP35ProCodecDump.txt
  5. Solique

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: PC Abit IP35 Pro Sound Card Vendor: Realtek Sound Card Model: ALC888 Vendor Id: 0x10ec0888 Working: Left and right speakers Not Working: Headphones (though it may not be internally connected - I've not tested it before). 5.1 output via jacks, not SPDIF(according to Audio MIDI Setup) Other ports not tested due to lack of mic & SPDIF equipment. Patcher Version used: 1.1.9 System Version: 10.5.1 Shows Internal mic, Line in and Digital in Sound panel Input. Shows Line Out, Headphones, Digital Out in Output. As an observation, I spend ages launching the app then dragging the dump to the app in the dock. I think it's worth clarifying the main post exactly what to do for dozy clots like me. Maybe in bold. Codec dump from Ubuntu 7.10 live CD attached. (codec not present in Knoppix - old ALSA version?) Thanks for all the hard work on this Taruga, you're a star - nice turtle too IP35ProCodecDump.txt