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  1. out of range / sync

    Is my question to easy or to hard for you guys? Please help!!
  2. out of range / sync

    In other words: Does anyone know in which .plist files resolution settings are saved for aqua? so i could edit them with pico in single user mode. This is one solution i thought about ....
  3. out of range / sync

    I´ve got a problem : After installing natit or titan everything works, the card (7300gt) is working properly and osx boots completely. The thing is, i don´t see anything except a blank screen of my monitor saying it´s out of range. This is totaly clear to me since natit adresses my monitor at 90hz ,which is simpy too much. (It´s a VideoSeven TFT connected via VGA). To fix this i tried several methods 1.) "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" which is complete nonsense because its only good for all the framebuffer stuff but not the gui stuff 2.) Clicking in the upleft corner, moving 4 times the arrow down,.... which doesn´t work because osx is saying something each time i change the resolution this way. 3.) Connecting another monitor (Samsung Syncmaster) to the DVI panel, which resulted in a fine working monitor which isn´t mine. 4.) Connecting both my monitor via VGA and my friend´s Samsung via DVI which led to a perfect working 2-Screen setup after some frickeling at the one screen i saw something. When i moved my not-working screen´s properties window to the working one´s i had a first look of all the resulutions mac os THINKS my screen is capable of. There are resolutions up to 3000something*2000something with refresh rates up to 120hz. So, how the hell do I set up osx booting into gui with that monitor standalone?? I noticed osx saves resolution settings for each monitor that was ever installed separately, so swapping monitor doesn´t work. So it does with dualhead settings. I can´t be the only one with that problem!!
  4. Dear mac.nub. I know you don´t have the possibilities to do an amd version. But what, in theory, should be altered to get it working on amd machines besides the kernel?
  5. Geforce 6150

    Thanks for all your help, guys! I´m going to answer this myself maybe someone with the same problem stumbles over it: You have to use macvidia 1.07, ... 1.08 will not work! Also Titan will not work since it adrersses the card via pcie, and the 6150/6100 is somewhat hardwired to the Northbridge chipset and uses its own bus structure. therefore CoreI and QuartzExtreme won´t work! So far i got my Asus A8N-VM CSM A64-3700+ working 100% including video,sound,lan,sata,usb,1394 and acpi. Exceptions are no CI/QE,2-ch sound and sometimes faulty power management. All under 10.4.8
  6. MacVidia 1.0.7 Driver

    ok it works...
  7. MacVidia 1.0.7 Driver

    Thank you... but the driver extracts as "beta2build2" is this 1.0.7? Anyone got a real 1.0.7?
  8. Geforce 6150

    Hi there osx86 community! First off i want to gratulate some of you for your great work for the osx86 community. You guys do a fantastic job. But i have got a little problem. I already had osx running on my asus a8n-vm csm with an early 10.4.1 or 10.4.3 .. i don´t know anymore. I used the macvidia driver for my graphics card and it worked okay so far (except qe, but i know of that problem). Different resolutions were no problem, and that was okay so far. I now installed JaS 10.4.8, got the nforce4 networking running and now i have problems getting my geforce6150 chipset to work properly. Using the titan "driver" brought me to the greyscale screen showing in different languages the message that i sould reboot my mac. That lead to the situation that i didn´t know how to uninstall the Titan software, so i reinstalled the whole osx. This time i gave macvidia a chance, since i know that it supports 6150 because i had it already running. After a long search (the projects website is down and nearly nobody mirrored the files!!!!) i found the latest 1..8.1 and installed it. No sucess, the same reboot-please-screen popped up and i had to reinstall again. I guess its because of the version of macvidia... which version promises success with 6150 graphics chipset on n430? Please help!