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  1. thank-you for that explanations of each folder
  2. Well i wanted to say THANKYOU for all your help CyberDevs just wanted to know what could be in EFI Folder so i know what to install for next time
  3. I check my BIOS settings and made some changes including XHCI-handoff is enabled and i changed my method of installing el capitan which is using clover special edition and I added the config and kext into the install and it worked. I booted into the install for first time and i had USB2+3 off the bat but still could only get it by booting off the USB so i thought i d try and copy and replace the EFI Folder from USB to Main HDD one and it worked i have full USB 2+3 without the USB Now so its something in the EFI folder thats the issue can you think of what it could be? i can upload the folder if need be? PS: can you remove the file attachment from your prevous post as it contains personal information thanks
  4. thanks for the quick reply sadly there been no change i can only get USB2 (USB Stick, Mouse and Keyboard) when booting from USB, i place that kext and config file in right place so i don't know what the issue could be? thanks in advance
  5. I am having trouble getting el capitan off the ground but I can get USB 2 with my ##### USB and when booting from HDD I have no USB at all. I have try matching the config file and using the config file from usb made no difference I ve tried many inject kexts and generic kext made no difference so i m starting to feel frustrated Here is my USB Specs Chipset: Up to 2 USB 3.0/2.0 ports (available through the internal USB header) Up to 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (available through the internal USB headers) Chipset + 2 Renesas® uPD720210 USB 3.0 Hubs: Up to 8 USB 3.0/2.0 ports (6 ports on the back panel, 2 ports available through the internal USB header) I have uploaded my clover config file and dsdt file any help would be appreciated
  6. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I m having trouble understanding this guide can any1 please give me easier guide to follow or post files needed to be edited. if you need my dsdt i have attach files here thanks in advance DSDT.aml.zip
  7. bump. so guys why would i be getting conficting reports where system saids its loaded the Web driver where nvidia control panel is set on OSX Driver? when i select web driver in control panel it doesn't need to restart which makes me think web driver is loaded but control panel is giving display glitch
  8. ok now i got issue every time i load into OS X and go to nvidia control panel and its OS X Default selected but NVDAStartup: Web is loaded? its saying web is loaded but OS X is selected in control panel? Update: I tested your auto patcher and it worked great it totally remove the hardware check. the only confirmation is when it say its Done. i ran the modded pkg and no errors all good
  9. I ve updated my machine to 10.10.3 by clean install and i did have to use that command. I also had to modify the web driver package to not validate my hardware since i am using iMac14.2 SMBIOS if anyone interested i can how to do this if you using clover and have Pre config file for it with SMBIOS like me u need to do this or switch SMBIOS back to Mac Pro
  10. does 10.10.3 have the nvidia driver that supports the GTX 900 Series by default or am i going to have to use nv_disable=1 for first time boot?
  11. Thanks man i ll try this later today
  12. what kext and dsdt edits should i use to get this card working with 5.1 surround sound? thanks in ML 10.8 GM i mean
  13. ALC889a - No Sound on ML DP4

    you can download my dsdt.aml file from here: http://www.mediafire...54vxdbd2aruvusn EDIT. i saw a new driver on osx86 kext web site for alc889 and i installed it with HDEF and it works 2.0 sound i thinks its cause of the HDEF edits for the wrong audio card so if you could edit my dsdt.aml and alc889a kext driver that be great and if possible with 5.1 surround sound thanks in advance
  14. ALC889a - No Sound on ML DP4

    i ve done the same and still no dice, i use the kext of my alc889a from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and my dsdt coming from tonymac dsdt database too so if u could grab them and editting them for me that be great cause i m stumped thanks in advance
  15. ALC889a - No Sound on ML DP4

    i tried to install my audio driver in ML GM and still no dice My Audio ID in System Report is : 889 (altho i think its really 885) If theres anything else you need from me tell me and can you/some1 edit my dsdt and kexts so i can just install them thanks EDIT. can grab my dsdt file from link in main post