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  1. Andrew+

    Help with Realtek ALCS1120A

    the cpu type you gave was inaccurate (wrong cpu) the way I did was to manually enter the cpu name in file AppleSystemInfo.strings simple but effective and the kext ult app fix the permissions of Extensions Folders I Thank you for getting me a working Hackintosh I ve done them in the past but on a X299 was more difficult than usual Only thing is I still lost Audio from HDMI (if I can't get back I can live with if its not possible)
  2. Andrew+

    Help with Realtek ALCS1120A

    what method did you used to repackage the web driver? Nvidia GTX 1070 6GB Thanks for all you help Update: I manage to get it working by editing the Nvidiastartupweb kext and change the build reqirement to match the current OS Build but system report is only showing 8 MB of VRAM when I should have 6GB Update2: I manage to get it register the correct VRAM with the following below and correct about information as well but I still like to know how you
  3. Andrew+

    Help with Realtek ALCS1120A

    I did a clean install and use your clover folder sound works thanks but I now have two issues 1. Now I can't install Nvidia Web Driver any I ve tried many things with no success 2. No Sound from HDMI thanks
  4. Andrew+

    Help with Realtek ALCS1120A

    I have uploaded the output of the Runme file site uploader isn't working so I uploaded to mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/oh1158aqhap5vbz/Sendme.zip thanks
  5. Andrew+

    Help with Realtek ALCS1120A

    I ve attach my EFI Folder and unsure what I m doing wrong since I ve look at so many guides with no success? thanks config.plist
  6. thank-you for that explanations of each folder
  7. Well i wanted to say THANKYOU for all your help CyberDevs just wanted to know what could be in EFI Folder so i know what to install for next time
  8. I check my BIOS settings and made some changes including XHCI-handoff is enabled and i changed my method of installing el capitan which is using clover special edition and I added the config and kext into the install and it worked. I booted into the install for first time and i had USB2+3 off the bat but still could only get it by booting off the USB so i thought i d try and copy and replace the EFI Folder from USB to Main HDD one and it worked i have full USB 2+3 without the USB Now so its something in the EFI folder thats the issue can you think of what it could be? i can upload the folder if need be? PS: can you remove the file attachment from your prevous post as it contains personal information thanks
  9. thanks for the quick reply sadly there been no change i can only get USB2 (USB Stick, Mouse and Keyboard) when booting from USB, i place that kext and config file in right place so i don't know what the issue could be? thanks in advance
  10. I am having trouble getting el capitan off the ground but I can get USB 2 with my ##### USB and when booting from HDD I have no USB at all. I have try matching the config file and using the config file from usb made no difference I ve tried many inject kexts and generic kext made no difference so i m starting to feel frustrated Here is my USB Specs Chipset: Up to 2 USB 3.0/2.0 ports (available through the internal USB header) Up to 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (available through the internal USB headers) Chipset + 2 Renesas® uPD720210 USB 3.0 Hubs: Up to 8 USB 3.0/2.0 ports (6 ports on the back panel, 2 ports available through the internal USB header) I have uploaded my clover config file and dsdt file any help would be appreciated
  11. Andrew+

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I m having trouble understanding this guide can any1 please give me easier guide to follow or post files needed to be edited. if you need my dsdt i have attach files here thanks in advance DSDT.aml.zip
  12. bump. so guys why would i be getting conficting reports where system saids its loaded the Web driver where nvidia control panel is set on OSX Driver? when i select web driver in control panel it doesn't need to restart which makes me think web driver is loaded but control panel is giving display glitch
  13. ok now i got issue every time i load into OS X and go to nvidia control panel and its OS X Default selected but NVDAStartup: Web is loaded? its saying web is loaded but OS X is selected in control panel? Update: I tested your auto patcher and it worked great it totally remove the hardware check. the only confirmation is when it say its Done. i ran the modded pkg and no errors all good
  14. I ve updated my machine to 10.10.3 by clean install and i did have to use that command. I also had to modify the web driver package to not validate my hardware since i am using iMac14.2 SMBIOS if anyone interested i can how to do this if you using clover and have Pre config file for it with SMBIOS like me u need to do this or switch SMBIOS back to Mac Pro
  15. does 10.10.3 have the nvidia driver that supports the GTX 900 Series by default or am i going to have to use nv_disable=1 for first time boot?