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  1. Base System install error

    everything tests out fine with the memory and the other hardware. I can re-install OX 10.3 (original shipped with) fine. I'm at that point now, but it will not let me go to 10.5, i am hating to think i've wasted this money...
  2. Base System install error

    i'm going to try the ram next. I unchecked the x11 and still nothing. Is there a utility on the dvd or anything to do a hardware check? I've never got any beep errors before, but I'm ready and willing to try anything...
  3. Base System install error

    well that didn't work either. however the install did go farther. before the error was popping up around 3-4 minutes into it. this time it took around 10 minutes. I did not uncheck X11, is that something I need or not?
  4. Base System install error

    ok let me continue to be stupid, where is the option for a custom install? I've already wiped out the drive. The only thing I see is that I get an option to choose what language to use. Like I said I'm a relative mac noob I use it mainly for photos and DVD authoring. so I'm coming from a windows background.OK, nevermind... I finally read and saw the "customize" button... now lets see if it works..........
  5. Noobie here... I've got a G5 dual 1.8 w/1.25GB and an 80GB maxtor. After about 5 minutes of "installing" I get a whopping great big exclamation mark and the text "Installation failed, Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer, The installer could not validate the contents of the "base system". Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Click restart to restart your computer and try installing again". I have tried this a few times - no good. Here's the problem I have moved in the past 4 months and don't have a clue as to where the original OS X DVD is. I've got a PC also and i posted a message about trying to reduce the disc size, I dunno if my drive can't handle the 8.4 DVD or what it is.... Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    can you use a PC to do this also... I got some screwy 'base system' could not be validated error. I don't know if it's because my G5 won't recognize a dual layer CD, or if it's because I burnt leopard on a pc using PowerISO.... I just need some help