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  1. Search Problems

    still affecting me... firefox Ubuntu dapper... trying to get back into the osx86 scene, search will help
  2. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    This isn't a knock against the new owners, but I'm not sure why I come here anymore? I used to come here for updates on the OsX86 project, that is, getting OsX to run on my x86, better and better. Even when the updates did not apply to me, it was exciting to see the progress. Now this is just another Mac-News site, although a nice looking one As a side note, I can't help but feel a little "duped" at being a donator, now that I know the previous owners made $75000 selling it and made (the new owners stand to make) over ~$100 a day on advertising. I didn't donate a lot, but I thought any little bit would help. The donator tag makes me look like a mark. To the "I-team": Don't mess with the look, the search, blah blah blah... come up with a mission statement you intend on following, and let that determine your membership... If you are going to be the best Mac-News site out there, say it out loud. Cheers
  3. Do you think this will be the case with the Adobe CS3 studio suite? Probably not for in-the-works-now software?
  4. Thanks!!! Much appreciated! I figured the intel graphics would be enough at least for the 13" display, but wanted another opinion in regards to larger monitors, and watching movies would be the best way to convince my significant other to pitch in for a big one Cheers, I'll post when I get one
  5. Hey, just sifting through the forums looking for opinions on the macbook. I've recently made myself get a grip and realize that 1) I can't afford a Macbook pro and 2) I don' need a Macbook pro. One thing I am concerned about however is plugging in an external monitor, say a 23" cinema display for watching movies. Does anyone know if integrated graphics would cut it in this case? (I realize that the intel graphics meet the minimum requirement for a 23", but I'm talking about full screen (insert fav blockbuster sci-fi special effects laden filled movie) DVD playback) Also, how does the virtualization perform on the macbook as compared to the mackbook pro, any differance? I apologize if there is another thread that might be discussing this, any points in that direction would be helpful in that case...
  6. there you go. Maybe Apple can start working on Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop replacements too!! Then I'll have no excuse (cept for money of course) to get a Mac. Cheers to that!
  7. Yeah, I agree. I think if you want an apple for anything other than what apple offers, you're wasting your money. If you want a computer to run a catalog of native appz, stick with windows... for now... I'll keep watching and waiting for this to change btw, all of the appz I use are available for Mac, although not yet universal. I'm also holding out on a new computer purchase for newer-better virtualization features. I'm really a 'multiple-OS' fanatic, if anything. If OpenOffice runs as good on a new macintel as it does on a wintel, I'll be happy with it. They do have native versions for PPC or Intel based macs (not a unibin).
  8. Hopefully that whole M$ and Novell deal will indeed be good for open source developers. The big name/money app-makers for the Mac platform seem to have really dropped the ball.
  9. I've been using OpenOffice for a few years now and haven't even looked at MSOffice for a long while... is OpenOffice a resonable alternative yet, or is it still lacking to those who use MSOffice alot? It just seems that MS is treating their Mac market as an afterthough (at best! ...compatibility pack after the new verion...???) Cheers,
  10. I think Roz said that M$ would be supporting the Mac platform for at least another five years, at the WWDC when the Intel switch was announced. btw, I apologize for my previous post, if it was a little negative, I should have waited until I'd had my coffee before posting. Cheers,
  11. A hard choice must be made when choosing a platform(os and hardware). If you chose Apple/Mac, you are putting yourself in the bottom 10% of computer users that companies like M$ care about. You can't blame M$ for not putting the same effort behind their for-Mac products as their for-Win products for more than the obvious reasons. They are not going to spend the same $/time for 10 clients as they are for the other, windows loving, 90. Maybe it's 20 to 80, same deal... (not to mention that OSx is in even better position to compete with windows...even less enthusiasm on M$ part) I'll appologize for Steve Jobs here for leading you all to believe that the Apple/Mac/OSx platform was going to take over the world and that everyone would build UniBins for it ASAP, oh, and that stuff would "just work". In conclusion, I'd like everyone who has been holding their breath to please breath, and stop waiting for games and high-end appz to come UniBin wrapped and ready for the holiday season(oh wait, weren't we expecting Adobe UB appz by Jan06?). It's coming, I hope, but not as soon as we'd like. Don't be upset, this is the price of "cutting edge", or, going with the "under-dog", or something (not to mention the bugs, patches, firmware updates, recalls, lack of support, more bugs, system instability...) Cheers to all and have a good night!! (PS. maybe it's all FUD, but I'm not spending a nickel on the Mac OS or platform until they get their collective sh*t together. My PC works just fine. I'm looking at Apple for my next one, but they are not looking ready for prime time...yet)
  12. The "new" forum thread layout is confusing me a bit, who are you talking to? I cannot seem to find any origin for this...
  13. yeah, I've been installing OS X86 on my usb drive since way back. Started off with the whole dual boot, 2 partition thing, but my laptop-drive is just too small for that. So yeah, installing to a USB drive is great if you want to install a new OS without risking your main setup. VERY handy. but, thanks for comming out :pirate2: okay, maybe that was harsh, sorry, to answer your question "since when" I guess the answer is "10.4.1 x86". That link you attached is all about G5s and OsX 10.3.8, so there you go, guess you couldn't do that on PPC macs.