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  1. iATKOS Menu bar and resolution errors

    This *usually* means that your video card is not supported fully.
  2. Harddisk isn't recognised!

    From my experience most SATA HDs do not work. I recommend getting a IDE HD. They are available at most retail stores and online too!
  3. By modifying the contents of "Dock.app".
  4. My "feedback" to Mac-Sucks.com

    True, and its obvious that he updates it because he posted a recent Apple commercial!
  5. My "feedback" to Mac-Sucks.com

    I'll post his reply once I get it
  6. Two problems: 1. SATA HDs don't work depending on the distribution you get. (If at all). 2. And only a few NVIDIA 8 Series cards work.
  7. Computer: Mac Mini. Wallpaper: From Interfacelift. Applications: Adium.
  8. What Apple Really Thinks of Windows

    I remember my friend Beegolof created a high res of that icon, I'll ask him for the png XD