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  1. Bg problem when it comes to installing

    i was third to buy it at the store. What if i burned the image to multiple disks, would that work? After all there is nothing in the installer to tell me to insert the next disk. the 26th was awesome, great atmosphere
  2. Bg problem when it comes to installing

    i want to run it as a server and i HATE microsoft, and i dunno how to sue linux. so tiger it is. I bought leopard on friday but i cant crack the retail disk
  3. Bg problem when it comes to installing

    well i have an imac and all the other pcs are laptops
  4. Okay, on my spare pc i want to be able to ru n tiger.Just downloaded the Jas 10.4.6 install dvd. Problem 1: i have no DVD ROM on the pc. Problem 2: i cant get it to boot from usb hard drive, ipod or whatever Currently it has linux running and i just have no idea how to use it so i want to put tiger on it. How can i possibly get it to boot into tiger? p.s i have no money so i cant go out and buy dvd drives and stuff like that
  5. Hey, i live in the UK and it won't be long until the iphone is released. If i go to the apple store will I have to sign up for the contract there and then or do you buy the iphone and then sign up for it at some other time. How can people get unlocked iphone, wouldn't they have to buy a contract and then unlock it? james
  6. Leopard's First Virus

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! leopard isnt completely pure. I don't fancy installing some virus software on a mac, it just would not fell right. james
  7. thanks for your help. I just downloaded the patch and will be applying it soon when i create an image of the disk onto my desktop. if i were to put the patched version of leopard on my ipod nano v3 8gb how would i boot from it
  8. where can i get the patch
  9. where can i get this patch
  10. hmm, ok would an ipod mini 4gb be sufficient or do i need something with more capacity? thanks for your reply james
  11. Has Anyone Bought a New Mac with Leopard?

    i bought the disk ad upgraded but i did a clean install and works fine on my intel imac with core2duo 2.0ghz
  12. Hey i bought a copy of leopard on the 26th and installed on my imac. Now i wan to install it on my spare pc. But i have no dvd rw drive and would find easier to use the retail disk somehow the a patch loaded externally. thanks, james
  13. shouldn't this matter be in the hackintosh section. I mean lets keep the leopard section 'pure'.
  14. My call with Apple Support

    he has a really geeky voice
  15. I would really love to know how i can use the time machine back ground with the stars flowing toward the user as a screen saver. It would look awesome. It is a shame that apple didn't add it by default.