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  1. doctorhackintosh

    ASUS GTX 750 Ti PH Series 2GB DDR5 (ASUS GTX750TI-PH-2GD5)

    Did a Clover + 10.10.1 install with latest NVIDIA Web Drivers 343.02.01f01. Loaded VBIOS of UltraLaser's ASUS STRIX 750 TI OC which has all ports working OOB through Clover. Clover debug.log confirmed that ROM is loaded. Managed to get only 1 port working (DVI). Other 3 ports (HDMI, VGA and 2nd DVI port) not working. I have a little comparison down here: IOREG of the guy who owns the ASUS STRIX 750 TI OC, the VBIOS of which I loaded through Clover. This is his IOREG with all ports working OOB with this card and his own VBIOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fh6nvccxxi660p/16.01.2015-UltraLaser-IOReg.ioreg?dl=0 To open his IOREG you need this older version of IORegistryExplorer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjxhjaja6wh7o1l/UltraLaser_IORegistryExplorer_17.01.2015.ioreg?dl=0 My IOREG with the VBIOS of ASUS STRIX 750 TI OC loaded through Clover (debug.log confirms it is loaded) on my ASUS GTX 750 TI - PH - 2GB DDR5 which has only one (DVI) port working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mg92yshqu7vd5d8/Current%20IOREG%20for%20doctorhackintosh%20-%2016.1.2015%20%40%201.30%20am.ioreg?dl=0 IOREG of the guy with the same card as me (ASUS GTX 750 TI - PH - 2GB DDR5) who flashed the VBIOS of ASUS STRIX 750 TI OC and now has all 4 ports working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rk3q10k3fvlhe1h/iMac.ioreg?dl=0 Posting this data because it may help unravel the reason why only 1 port is working for me by loading a VBIOS through Clover which is able to get all 4 ports working after flashing on the same card in another machine. Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to get all my 4 ports working. I can't understand why loading a VBIOS through Clover on a certain card gives a different result for the number of working ports as compared to flashing the VBIOS on the same card. I thought loading a VBIOS through Clover was supposed to achieve the same result as flashing a VBIOS on a card.
  2. doctorhackintosh

    GTX 750 Ti

    For some reason, I still get a message saying it is corrupt, every time I open it with IORegistry Explorer.
  3. doctorhackintosh

    ASUS GTX 750 Ti PH Series 2GB DDR5 (ASUS GTX750TI-PH-2GD5)

    Yea. I did a Clover + 10.10.1 re-install. I'm going to try the load VBIOS route. I just need to get my hands on the Asus Strix BIOS. It's not on the TechPowerUp website. The one UltraLaser posted in the other thread has some issues. Clover wasn't able to load it. Download-Fritz analysed it, he said it has some header which was preventing the VBIOS from loading.
  4. doctorhackintosh

    GTX 750 Ti

    IOREG corrupt, it says. Re-upload please. Which card do you have, fanfan71100? Can you share your IOREG too?
  5. I have an ASUS GTX 750 Ti PH Series 2GB DDR5 (ASUS GTX750TI-PH-2GD5) with VBIOS (or VBIOS 82.07.25.AS11). I have tried this card out on both Yosemite 10.10 and 10.10.1 with NVIDIA Web Drivers 343.01.01f01 through f03 and 343.02.01f01. I have 1xHDMI port, 2xDVI-D Dual Link and 1xVGA ports on the card. I have 1xHDMI and 1xVGA ports on my monitor Dell S2440L. The card is installed correctly and is detected in System Report > Graphics/Displays and even in NVIDIA Driver Manager's ECC tab (of course, ECC not supported though). While I have all ports functional in Windows and for my gaming needs, I'm not able to get any port to work with Yosemite. I get a blank screen with a 'No Signal' message on the HDMI and both the DVI ports with Yosemite, after the Apple logo boot screen or after NVIDIA Drivers have been loaded in verbose boot. I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and even a DVI2HDMI adapter. Apparently, VGA works on this card for a lot of people but I haven't been able to try it out. I have tried PCIRootUID=1 as one of the bootflags, as suggested in other solved threads in this forum for the ASUS GTX 750 Ti, but I get the same result. (i.e. No Signal). I have tried PCIRootUID=0, GraphisEnabler=No/Yes and all other sorts of boot flag permutations and combinations but NOTHING. My hackintosh works fine with the on-board Intel HD 4600 (1536MB VRAM) graphics (Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H, supported as per the HCL). From my extensive discussions on other forums, I have gathered that this problem is not faced by cards sold by other vendors such as Palit, Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI - if any problems have been faced by these cards, they have been solved/fixed. The problem is mainly limited to ASUS cards, the ASUS Strix OC card with VBIOS being the only exception which has even the HDMI port working. toleda analysed a bunch of IOREGs for us folks stuck with non-functioning GTX 750 Ti cards and he's ruled out any issue with the NVCAP or the framebuffers. The problem seems to be only with the ASUS VBIOS for every ASUS card except the ASUS Strix OC. Some people who have flashed the ASUS Strix OC VBIOS on their non-functioning cards have reported success in getting all the ports working. I personally am skeptical since the cards that have been experimented with as well as the ASUS Strix OC are bigger cards with two fans, while mine is smaller card with a single fan. I'm not sure if it'll be safe to flash my card with the ASUS Strix OC VBIOS because it obviously has a very different component layout/structure. I'm really at my wit's end and I would appreciate any inputs whatsoever. I'm attaching my card's VBIOS in case somebody can disassemble/analyse it to figure out exactly what is different between that VBIOS and the one on the ASUS Strix OC 750 Ti which can be found here. I have also attached my IOREG, NVCAP screenshots and a GPU-Z screenshot comparison of my card to an NVIDIA Reference 750 Ti. Can't the NVIDIA kexts be somehow edited to help recognise the non-functioning ports on these problematic ASUS cards & their baffling VBIOS? If you require me to provide any more information pertaining to my case, ask away; I'll upload ASAP. Any insight is appreciated? Help me solve this puzzle.