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  1. Obviously, the production cost of this kind of hardware is not very high. The one I got was wrapped in a plastic bag with "foxconn" printed on it: it is a common product maybe still in foxconn catalog. On ebay, sellers are offering FW 400 brackets with 2 ports for 3.69 USD (# 161559182467), but t's a pity not having an easy way to use the FW 800 headers at full speed... An other way I want to check, is the the Belkin Thunderbolt dock (F4U055cwAPL), on sale now on amazon, because rev2 with Thunderbolt2 is on the market. It offers 0ne FW port, 0ne RJ45, 3X USB3, audio in and out, and two TB ports, one used for connecting the dock to the backside of the Quo.This dock has been designed for MacBook air users and can help if more ports are needed, but it is still an expensive solution.
  2. No. No part number. I just found it was part of the ASUS P5AD2 premium bundle, the left top one. .
  3. Tested: all is OK, and I plugged my external 2,5' HDD to both ports without problem under OSX. But Win 8 didn't see it as formated OSX....
  4. Good new: it works with my 2,5 external HD connected to the FW 800 bracket on both ports and they mount on the desktop under OSX 10.1, but Win 8 don't see it as formated MacOS. The problem is to find this card .... I got mine from computer_show in Carlsbad Calif. for 19,95 $ eBay item number: 181593748715 I don't know if they still have them in stock? It was part of the old ASUS P5AD2-E Premium bundle.
  5. Hello, Trying to fix the lack of FW 800 ports, I found this card on "the bay": two Firewire IEEE 1394b ports and one LAN connector RJ45 bracket provided for a ten years old Asus P5AD2 mobo. No need for the PJ45 bracket, so it's easy to unscrew it. I'll chek the pinout of the backplate ports first.
  6. The card has two Firewire IEEE 1394b ports and one LAN connector RJ45 bracket provided for a ten years old Asus P5AD2 mobo. Got it on the bay from a seller is in Carlsbad calif. I didn't need the PJ45 bracket, so it's easy to unscrew it. I had not the occasion to use it yet, but I'll test the assy. tomorrow with a camcorder and Imovie. Anyway, it fits perfectly in place, you just have tu plug the 2 purple connectors in the 2 headers , assuming that Assus and Gygabyte respect the ISO headers configuration: I'll have to check this point first....
  7. It was not a problem, the pdf has done the job. No need to complain about that ! OSX 10.1 works as well as on my old mac Pro. The wifi connection is good. Obviously, it is still a problem with the 10.2 beta for some users. I only have a problem with my microsoft mouse. The right button has been configured as "double click" in the Intellipoint menu, but every time I boot, it returns to "secondary click" and I have to change it. Any idea to fix this?
  8. Hello, I paid 229 $ for my mobo last month on the website. Just had to wait for delivery in europe, 10 days later by Priority Mail with no tax. Most components have been found on ebay, like the wifi/BT pci card, the I73770 processor, the case, the FW800 ports card for the headers and the 2X Micron SSD.The power supply, graphic card, ventirad and WD blue HD came from a local shop. I just had to print the User Manual, as no paper version was sent.
  9. Thanks. you answered my question. 1 - I think I'll install Chameleon bootloader. The last I got was 2.2svn-r2404-pkg. 2 - I found Refind-bind 0,84, but it seems more difficult to install.
  10. Hello, I'm building my first Hackintosh with this Quo mobo purchased 3 weeks ago. I took a Be Quiet Silent Base 800 case, a Corsair RM 750 power unit, an I7 3770 (not k), 2 X 8go G skill Ripjaws ram , a Thermalright CPU fan, a Radeon Sapphire HD 7950 with the bios flashed as Mac Edition, 2 X SSd Micron 256 Go: one cloned from my MacPro rev 5.1 with Yosemite, the other with Win 8, and a broadcom BCM94360 CD Wifi/Bt4.0 PCI card . For the FW 800 headers, I found an Asus P5AD2 bracket with two IEEE 1394B ports and RJ45 without use here. It works great with sound, wifi, BT, HDMI, the only one problem was when the plastic slot of the 16 X PCI socket went off with the graphic card when I took it out... I got a new slot on ebay, and I'll fix this problem later: 164 pins to sold on the mobo is not a funny passtime. I put the GPU in the 8X slot, and I'm not sure to see any difference with 16X ? Now, I want to have a graphic interface for choosing the boot disk. The Quo Legacy folder downloaded contains a version of chameleon. How can I install it? I don't need any Ktext for sound or OSX install; I just need the bootmanager so I don't think that I need chameleon wizzard to do that. Thanks for any help.