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  1. Just finished installing leohazard everything went well but the strangest thing is happening. When i boot, everything goes fine but it will stay on the apple logo of verbose screen but i can press buttons and get the error noises and mac osx voiceover thing to start talking. Graphics enabler just gives me a black screen and i have also tried using a dsdt.aml file but no luck/ Specs i5 760 Ati 5870 Asus P7P55 LX thanks
  2. Divx web player has been giving me some troubles, makes firefox and safari not respond and just generally performs really badly anyone know of any good alternatives
  3. i thought it might be a good idea to start a bounty for the creation of a driver for the 3450/70 cards i know a lot of people want them. a bounty should attract a lot more mac experts! i would easily be willing ot give 15$ towards it and i reckon the bounty could easily break the 100$ mark just an idea...
  4. yeah i have a windows laptop im buying a mac partly just for the luxury, and i find the os much more efficient compared to windows which makes me want to vomit.
  5. Has apple taken advantage of CUDA yet in snow leopard, are there and mac apps that use it?
  6. Basically ive decided to get a 15" macbook pro and need to know if the upgrade from the 2.66ghz model to the 2.8 is worth the £190 its gonna cost me. I cant find any definitive benchmarks anywhere some say theres an 8% increase in performance and some say 3% im going to be doing a lot of photoshop, illustrator etc and maybe some video editing and video conversion. Also a little bit of gaming through windows via bootcamp I was also planning to bump it up to a 7200rpm drive aswell so basically my questions are... 1) Is 6mb cache noticeably better than 3mb 2) 512mb vram noticeably better than 256mb 3) is it worth £190, for all you americans over there, $300 ($2025 to $2335) Any advice is great thanks Joss
  7. I could really do with some advise on which mobos and gpus are well supported i used to be very into the hackint0sh scene when i had my old hackbook pro, that caught fire so i got a new pc and nothing is supported. anyway going to college to do graphic design and i need a good computer for doing all my work (Adobe apps and video conversion) plus a little gaming on boot camp basically from i read gigabyte EP45-UD3* boards are the best and i would like to get nvidia due to maybe having some fun with CUDA i need QE/CI 100% and i was looking to spend about 800 pounds (im from britain) and probably kit it up with 4gb ram 1tb raid ( maybe 1 500gb and a raptor) dvd burner core 2 quad (maybe i7 if its worth it) whatever psu and case i need i appreciate all the help cheers EDIT* also looking to run snow leopard
  8. Orignal Mac Vs Osx86 mac

    i was also having a few thoughts similar to the op im thinking about getting a mac book pro for college but also considering building a desktop for half the price twice the power and twice the fun i dont know what to do!
  9. Have you tried editing your edid?
  10. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    cmon 3450 mobility gogogogogogogogo
  11. These are the kexts that got my x1600 mobility working with FULL res change and FULL QE/CI -Credits to Ninetto for the kexts, thanks man- -He sent them to me, i just thought i'd post them to be helpfull- Any way, like i said in the title, these kexts have been tested on my leo4allv3/kalyway/iatkos 10.5.2 install and my iDeneb/iPC 10.5.6 install, i also think ninetto is running them on his 10.4.9 installation Proof is attached. First only install atindrv.kext, iondrvsupport.kext, atiradeonx1000.kext and atiinject.kext (use kexthelper) If you have problems after, try installing the bundles and plugins (also use kexthelper) you might have to edit the edid in the plist in atiinject.kext Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/file/dldzc0mznoq/ATI_Kexts.zip
  12. Ive been trying to figure out how to add the x1600 mobility graphic strings but i cannot figure out how you add them, ive looked at netkas's tutorial and played with osx86tools, but havent got anywhere ive read that people have done it and have got full res change and qe/ci, I WANT THIS!!!!! ha anyone give any help cheers roboguy