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  1. Color Banding Issues

    Leopard installed fine, everything runs smoothly and etc. However, I have a color banding problem (using the NVInject driver included in the kalyway installer). I run an ASUS A6JC with a Geforce Go 7300 video card. When I had Tiger, I had to use some Nvidia EFI kext that I used from the mac.nub install disk. Can I use the Tiger kext with Leopard to resolve the color banding issue?
  2. Can not boot into windows

    hey, i know how to fix this; it happened to me before, too. go into (your mac hd)/library/preferences/systemconfiguration/ open the file "com.apple.boot.plist" at the end of it, right before the </dict></plist> code enter: <key>Timeout</key> <string>(##)</string> and replace "##" with any number; this number represents the number of seconds darwin will wait before it will automatically load the active hard drive (which is mac if it just boots straight to mac, for you). when you first boot up, darwin bootloader will count down; if you press a button, you can then choose which partition/hard drive to boot from. PS: don't forget to change permissions before the changes and then reset permissions after the changes!
  3. Colour banding

    I'm sorry, but would you mind writing the instructions or linking the instructions on how to get this working? I got the proper NvidiaEFI.kext and loaded it in, but it says "installed improperly" after I reboot.
  4. driver for Realtek ALC880

    i'm a little confused. i have an A6JC (which i assume also uses ALC880). I did all of the above and my computer can now recognize that I have a line in, built in mic, and output; but i get zero sound whatsoever. the only sound i get is a weird, flat, thump sound whenever macosx starts up. I also have a question, when I open terminal and put in the first command, it asks for a password; but the last three don't. Have I done something wrong?
  5. ASUS A6JC appears to work just fine!