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  1. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Hmm, i burned the burn.sparseimage.dmg but OS X cannot recognice the DVD afterwards
  2. 10.5 on a G3

    I assumed this should work with a G4 with less sys req aswell. I tried but i only get´s garbled text when i open the file: "Install Mac OS X" with texteditor.. Maybe i did something wrong, i have converted the dmg to read/write and mount it. Can you please describe exactly how you did after that?
  3. Install Leopard on a PM G4 Dual 500MHz

    Thank you for the tip. I read that a guy succeded on a G3 by editing with textedit a read/write enabled dmg. That didn´t work for me, i only get´s garbled text.
  4. My installation fails cause of the system requirements. Is there any way to remove this checker? Now Tiger runs just fine with 1 Gb RAM, and i´m pretty sure that Leopard runs well on my machine too. If someone have any ideas have to remove this system requirement checker please respond. Thanks in advance.