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  1. reberto

    HP Mini 311 Lion Install

    Nope. The 311 only has a 32bit CPU, Lion requires a 64bit CPU. Sorry man
  2. Solution for sleep: Just get an SSD. Takes roughly the same time to boot as it would to wake up from sleep
  3. Install Snow Leopard on your computer. Doesn't have to even fully work, just enough for it to boot and use disk utility. Then use disk utility/whatever tools you need to create your Lion flash drive.
  4. reberto

    AMD HD6970 working under Lion courtesy of Netkas

    That's not what I was asking for. How did you get the HD6970 working in 10.7.2? I ran the update and now I'm at the grey screen + pointer. I mentioned my GS because that is what I have to use until the 6970 is fixed.
  5. reberto

    AMD HD6970 working under Lion courtesy of Netkas

    Care to share how you fixed it? I'm stuck on the grey screen with the mouse cursor as well and I'm stuck with my 8400GS until I get it fixed. I'm in 10.7.2 if that matters.
  6. reberto

    which netbook has highest ram?

    The ASUS 1201n can handle up to 8GB, though I've heard its got some issues
  7. reberto

    720p playback

    It works if you have everything set up correctly. For 720/1080p Flash, use the Gala release of Flash 10.1 beta. For normal video playback do not use Persian, make sure QuickTime X can open the file with no added codecs and you're good to go. 720/1080p playback isn't hard to do in OS X, you just have to know what to use
  8. Errr, yes it does. I can watch 720p/1080p Youtube HD flawlessly now. If you uninstall the old version of Flash, then install this, it works fine. I've been using it since it came out yesterday and other than a crash in Chrome it's rather perfect.
  9. reberto

    720p playback

    Try this for GPU Flash. http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/28/flash-p...rt-to-mac-os-x/ EDIT: Yup, using Gala right now, 720p/1080p Flash is a walk in the park. Chrome crashed when I first used it but it's fine now (as is Firefox).
  10. FYI, the ION GPU is a 9400m. Mac OS X reads it as a 9400m because that is exactly what it is
  11. reberto

    720p playback

    Re-read the article, OS X IS getting FULL GPU acclerated Flash support coming fairly soon since Apple is now allowing people to access the needed software to so. Same goes for Perian. Apple is "opening this little lockbox"
  12. reberto

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    10.6.4 was seeded today, any news?
  13. reberto

    720p playback

    My 311 does 720p/1080p playback without a single hiccup in OS X. If you are using a different codec for Quicktime (such as Perian), you lose GPU support. All of my HD videos are converted to .mp4/.avi on my i7 desktop before I move them over to my netbook. And OS X is getting GPU support for Flash fairly soon, possibly along with GPU supported Perian if the Perian developers feel like putting in the time. http://www.macrumors.com/2010/04/22/apple-...ther-platforms/
  14. reberto

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Installed RC2, lost QE I'm trying to avoid a full reinstall but it looks as if I have to I just reinstalled yesterday too EDIT: Ignore the crazy man here, turns out my very dark background made me think my menu bar wasn't translucent (if it's not then there is no QE). Turns out it was. I win.
  15. reberto

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Trying the HF5RC1 (because I'm feeling brave), and so far all is well. My only complaint is that VoodooHDA causes all sounds to be pretty much mute until the volume is beyond 50%, which I hope can be fixed No crackling issues so far, I use InsomniaX so sleep isn't something that I ever really look at. Currently I'm booting without -v because I'm a fan of the very Apple-like booting/shutdown that I can have. I'm curious if HF5RC1 includes the modded Trackpad kext that was brought up ~a month ago. If anyone wants to use me for a guinea pig here are my specs, I'm not afraid to have to reinstall N270 (at 2.4ghz)/3GB RAM/160GB Seagate HD/Dell 1510 N