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  1. 2fingerscroll.zip link is dead, where can i get it ?
  2. sume5h

    Set Brightness on Startup

    not working in Intel HD 3000 mountain lion :-(
  3. sume5h

    [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    How about Broadcom 14e4:16b5 ethernet, anyone got this working in mountain lion?
  4. Hi, I'm following this guide to install dual boot on my laptop on single HD, i patched the installer to work with MBR, but when try to format the partition from disk utility i'm getting following error "volume erase failed couldn't modify partiton map" my OSX partiton is Primary How to fix this ?
  5. Thank you for the help guys i did what you guys suggested me @bigben when -x -v flags i got 'still waiting for root device" error @monica i couldn't bypass the "Connect your keyboard now" screen, so going to App > Utilitaries > Terminal was not possible for me .....i did try to delete those 2 lines from single user mode before, but i was getting error no such directory or file after long searching for long this was my solution - Boot in single user mode (-s) fsck -fy (hit enter). mount -uw / (hit enter). nano /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist (hit enter). Delete these 2 lines <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> exit & save Thank you everyone :-)
  6. how can i do that ? i can't get inside the OSX i'm on laptop, lion 10.7.3 installed, already tried many usb keyboards
  7. Before you Begin.... There isn't a keyboard connected to your computer. Connect your keyboard now ??? How do i fix this problem......i connected many keyboard including original MAC keyboard, nothing working I tried to remove 2 lines from /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/info.plist <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> error no such directory or file
  8. ok.....i,m installing OSX on my PC, my mouse is not responding during the installation process, but i manage to reach the window where we select parition to install the OSX....now how do i open disk utility without mouse, i want to format the partiton.....right. only my keyboard is working at the moment, not any response from the mouse I hope you understand what i mean
  9. i;m installing mac, keyboards shortcuts not working during installaion
  10. i'm using laptop with usb mouse, trackpad & usb both are not responding now i'm at partition selection window, how can acces disk utility to format my partiton, is there any shortcut for this?
  11. Hello everyone, i'm trying to install iatkos 10.7.2 in my acer 5750g, now i'm at language selection screen the first window in Mac installation process & mouse & keyboard not responding, tried it few times before same problem always, anyone know wh this is happening? keyborad is working, mouse still not working
  12. sume5h

    ATI Mobility RADEON HD Series(Still Not supported)

    still problem with my resolution & mouse artifacts
  13. sume5h

    Error after Updating

    how can i restore my ACHI kext in single user mode when i type -s i'm in cammand line what are the cammands to delete & restore the kext?
  14. i have kalway 10.5.2(vanilla kernel) installed but i cannot boot after updating MAC this is the error i'm getting failed to load extension com.orbyte.driver.PCGenUSBEHCI(in yellow letters) . . . . ERROR: Firewire unable to determine security-mode defaulting to full secure i 'm getting same error when i update to comboupdate 10.5.3 or 10.5.4 earlier i tried to update kalway 10.5.3 same error but succesfully installed vanilla 10.5.3 kernel
  15. sume5h


    doesn't work on my BCM5787M (14e4:1693) no network detected when i go to preference and choose network preference window not responding , with apple colorful cursor wheel rotating forever whenever i start MAC i keep getting error on IOnetworkingfamily.text & appleBCM5751.kext