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  1. congratulations osx-tim and ZeroXX on your working installs... i hope somebody can enlighten me how to get the front audio input working..
  2. magicboy I think the problem might be your leopard partition identifier not being disk0s1... are you sure it is disk0s1? you can find the partition identifier from the disk utility... once you set the correct flag with rd="leoprd partition here", then it'll stop cycling over and over
  3. adrian did you enable the AHCI option in BIOS? also is your leopard boot hard disk IDE or SATA?
  4. nashii marvell lan works without any probs here...
  5. acpi? whats that got to do with ur problem? i think u mean AHCI my bios boots fine with all default settings... just change "sata configuration" from IDE to AHCI
  6. @.Ga try booting with your iatkos dvd in disc drive also try rd=disk0s1 option while darwin is loading... (ofcourse u'll have to customize the command as per ur own disk setup) @smoose i've got no raid setup, still it works fine maybe you can try asking other p5k users... note that mine is p5k-E xp shouldnt be an issue @nikey can you elaborate a little more about what seetings you chose in package installation and if you installed any additional kexts
  7. well.. resuming from sleep still doesnt work with me.. but i havent really tried to get it working.. maybe someone else has... reboot works fine with me.. and i havent really had any stability issues with leopard yet... hope it helps..
  8. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    @darkxmatt just boot iatkos dvd and run disk utility from it... then you can erase your leopard partition
  9. hey smoose... you get the waiting for root device error because of the AHCI setting only... search for it in your BIOS it must be present somewhere.. also you can try updating the bios first from Asus site.. after setting sata config to ahci it should boot fine.. you can edit the p5kefix script to only install AppleAzaliaaudio kext... and it'll install just that.. try if that works for you. nope.. i'm afraid multichannel is not working at the moment
  10. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    you are really a lifesaver man.... i did the same mistake and spent hours figuring out what went wrong thanks a ton
  11. i hope most of the p5k-e users would be trying to install iatkos release by uphuck on their hackintosh right now... so please post your experience whether you were able to do it successfully or not... i'll be trying to install iATKOS later this weekend when i'm free if anyone here wants the "rapidly shared" link to iatkos just pm me i cant post them here due to obvious reasons thanks everyone and enjoy the weekend EDIT: iATkOS installation on P5K-E : runs perfectly Download iATkOS v1.0i (2.08 GB size) Extract the zip file using WinRAR 3.71 Burn the ISO file to a DVD using the slowest speed possible... usually 2x Restart and make sure "SATA configuration" in BIOS is set as AHCI boot from DVD by pressing F8.. it should boot fine into graphical mode and bring you to the installation screen Now select disk Utility from the utilities menu and partition the disk on which you plan to install leopard. I installed iATkOS on a separate SATA hard disk with just one partition... and chose MBR mode while partitioning... remember to format the partition as Mac journaled file system Now start Darwin_boot under utilities menu... it'll ask for your disk and partition number which you can get from disk utility... remember if its like disk0s1 in disk utility then you have to give disk number 1 and partition number 1 (not 0 and 1.... speaking from experience here) choose yes to install EFI now the script will do its thing... make sure it doesnt throw up any errors and then exit terminal now choose your partition on which to install iATkOS click "customize" and select vanilla kernel, video card drivers, macfuse, etc it should install without any hitch and reboot when it restarts and shows the darwin loader press any key for advanced options and enter "rd=your leopard disk id"... e.g i had to enter "rd=disk0s1" without quotes... if you dont perform this step it'll loop the welcome animation many times now it'll ask you to customize which you can as you like it... and boot to the desktop now edit apple.com.boot.plist file and include the rd command in kernel flags so that you dont have to enter it everytime run the p5kefix script as above.. and reboot.... after this your audio and LAN should be working install the realtek wireless client... which will make your asus wifi work... (i havent been able to test the connection yet) and thats it.... most of the things working right now.. with correct processor and graphics card detection all running on vanilla apple kernel with EFI... the sleep issue is still there.. amybe someone else can help with fixing it...
  12. iATKOS is released (updated)

    ok guys its FINALLY finished and i'm seeding now... long live iatkos and here comes the seeder flood
  13. RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    did i mention that it used to work perfectly with tiger 10.4.8 so its probably something updated in leopard which caused the driver to behave erratically
  14. RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    i use DHCP with RTL8187 but have the same prob...
  15. hey mike i'm not familiar with the brazilmac version but i think theres an script you have to run AFTER the install for the bootloader to setup properly.. are you sure you ran it after booting into leopard after installation? i'm pretty sure its discussed in forums before.