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  1. Hello. Can you explain how to get sound with clover on Z820. What can I do with your ioreg file? Please help me. And also your config.plist empty,no one line change in them. I use clover configuration to open your file but I can't see changes which point to sound work??? Help
  2. Need help for Z800 Yosemite Installation

    I need LegacyIntelACPI.kext not LegacyAppleIntelAHCI.kext
  3. Need help for Z800 Yosemite Installation

    elexir: Where can I download LegacyIntelACPI.kext??I have z820 and I get kernel panic when I run setup Yosemite.
  4. AppleHDA.kext ALC262

    I try method didn't work on Mavericks. The device recognize but no sound.Any idea?
  5. Sorry can somebody help me.I have misunderstood the tutorial and inserted my device-ids correctly. I have ICH7 motherboard can I change ICH7 id to ICH10 id???I have the next id 1D: 27c8 1D,1: 27c9 1D,2: 27ca 1D,3: 27cb 1D,7: 27cc So I have to change: 1D: 27c8 ----> 3A34 1D,1: 27c9 --> 3A35 1D,2: 27ca --> 3A36 1D,3: 27cb --> 3A37 1D,7: 27cc --> 3A3A ?????????????????????????????
  6. I have ICH-7-R and this patched kext works for me in x32 Snow.I put this pathed kext in Extra/Extentions and leaving untouchable the vanilla kext in /System/Library/Extentions and everything works great, no more kernel panic.
  7. hd2400 + leopard

    Hi,phcahill.I always repair permissions and delete Extention.mkext after install any kext.
  8. hd2400 + leopard

    I install 10.5.1 kalyway again,then install package then add device ID and what I see nothing changed.Mac OS boot ok but this package done nothing,everything as before.No change resolution,no QE/CI.In system profile my card also didn't recognize.Strange,very stranger...
  9. hd2400 + leopard

    My card have one DVI and one VGA but LCD display have only DVI socket.Interesting,but yesterday netkas on the irc.osx86.hu #radeon said me that this package triakis_2400_2600_2900_380 not work on 2400 card's,but it works for you.My be problem in kernel, you and thinktsai used Toh kernel as default but I install Vanilla as default.Ok,I'll try to boot with Toh kernel and show the result.phcahill why you wrote "I had to add my device id to Info.plist in ATIRadeonX2000.kext eg 0×94c11002. Your dev id may be different." and after "My card is a 2400pro pci-e vendor code 94c4." If you have 94c4 why you add 0×94c11002 not 0×94c41002 ????
  10. hd2400 + leopard

    I did not select any extra video packages too.I can't see almost nothing,only white and black stripes on my screen?
  11. hd2400 + leopard

    phcahill my kalyway 10.5.1 is not working with an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT and i don't know why??I try DVI and DVItoVGA but in vain.I install package,add device ID 0×94c11002 in Info.plist ATIRadeonX2000.kext but when do a reboot I get a fuzzy screen. Sometimes I see a mouse cursor, but usually everything is just flickering. Can you write you steps???You installed triakis_2400_2600_2900_3800 reboot and then add dev id or you installed,add dev id,then reboot???Please sombody help what I am doing wrong??????????