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  1. Successful Dual Boot but...

    Well, my internet has been out for the past week. Fun. Anyway, that site looks good, but I am not doing a clean install, I already have everything set up. I found that if I change the boot order and manually pick the Mac hard drive, chameleon correctly shows the boot options, one ntfs and one mac hard drive. Both options boot correctly too. I am going to mess with my bios boot options and see if I cant get this fixed. I had to set my hard drives to a raid set up to get the iatkos to recognize my hard drives. Anyone know the dangers of turning off the raid setup now that everything is installed?
  2. I used iatkos v7 (10.5.7) and installed Chameleon v2 as my boot loader. I have windows XP on one hard drive (ATA) and mac on another (SATA). At one point Chameleon gave me the two options to boot mac or xp - both booted and everyone was happy. I had to reinstall xp and now Chameleon gives me three options. One mac and two ntfs's show up. Neither of the ntfs's boot xp. Is there a conf or plist I have to edit to correct the boot screen? I have no idea where this third ntfs could be coming from, Disk Utility says there is only one ntfs partition on the windows hard drive and there certainly is not one on my mac hard drive. Thanks for any help.
  3. Rhapsody DR2

    Hello! Sorry for the bump. I would like a copy of Rhapsody DR 1 or 2, if anyone here is left. I have a copy of Openstep 4.2 user and developer with boot floppies and would gladly share, I'v got an old server to host all of this on. As we all know, Openstep 4.2 was the last release of NeXT before Apple bought it. PM me