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  1. So I decided it was time to add a third operating system to my machine for software development. Yesterday, I installed Kubuntu onto a third SSD properly (all other drives detached) and it worked flawlessly. Today, in order to fix a small problem I decided to do another clean install. Unfortunately, I was a dingus and chose not to disconnect my drives before doing so. Now, Clover doesn't boot and a can't even manually boot into OS X. I'm able to access the drive from my Windows SSD and I backed up some of my files. I can't get into the EFI partition though. Is there a way for me to re-activate Clover from a USB drive (currently making)? I'd rather restore it than replace everything or do a new OS X install. Thanks in advance! -ProPride
  2. I've been multibooting OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 Pro for a while now, and I've finally come across an actual issue. I've just installed 2 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black drives to be used as a RAID 0 cache disk in Windows for my editing applications. I followed the windows raid setup, and make a RAID 0 with 16k sectors. When I boot into OS X, the login hangs for a couple of seconds and I get two identical error messages stating that the disks are not readable, and gives me three options: Initialize, Ignore, Eject. Currently, I'm just ignoring as I don't know what Initialize will do. Should I initialize the drives from the error message, or should I restart the raid process and make the volume in Disk Utility, but make it compatible for Windows? Or is there a fix for preventing OS X from trying to mount the drives in the first place? If so, would it be in the Clover Configurator? Thanks, Pro
  3. I just completed a fresh reinstall of clover, and when I went into post installation I saw the hackintosh was a mac mini. I switched it to Mac Pro 3,1 for flexibility sake and went on with completing the imessage fix and all of the other things I needed to do to get myself back up and running. But, although my SMBios and About This Mac say it is an early 2008 Mac Pro, Finder displays a Mac Mini and iMessage refuses to allow me to send messages to anyone besides myself, even though my account is enabled. Any help?
  4. I'm no good at reading console log files, but I would say that if it's trying to load a kext of an uninstalled the software, you may have some extra files hanging around your system. I also get the sound assertion error and usb errors, but I usually hang with graphics or bluetooth (which my computer doesn't have ). The sound assertion, as far as I read, shouldn't be a boot issue. Try searching through your computer for some miscellaneous Sophos files.
  5. ProPride

    Won't Boot Properly

    After fixing my audio on 3113, my system's booting broke again. I've attached my config as well as a picture displaying all of the possible errors that I've gotten since the break. Sometimes the problem doesn't exist and boots fine, but most of the time I get these errors. I believe it has something to do with the SSDT section in ACPI or audio as if I turn off my power supply after shutdown, more often than not the problem doesn't happen on boot. Any help would be appreciated config.plist.zip
  6. I figured it out! At least I think I did, as I haven't had any boot problems since. I ended up installing Xcode to get the command line tools to properly install themes. Once that was done, I downloaded a theme and applied it to NVRAM in the Clover Configurator, all of my problems went away, and the system is running flawlessly. I hope this is the correct solution, otherwise I'll check out the ones you've posted.
  7. Hey, so I got the image that I usually get when my hack starts having problems with booting. Sometimes the Bluetooth error isn't there, and sometimes there's a USB issue, but the sound assertion and graphics are always present when this happens. Is there anything you could tell me that would make sense?
  8. I think I might have found another issue, or the issue. Don't know, I'll post them tomorrow when I get the chance. Two graphics errors, a sound assertion error, and occasionally a Bluetooth error (but I don't have Bluetooth).
  9. Hey man, what boot loader are you using? If it's clover I'd suggest using Toleda's cloverALC patch. It's permanent so you don't have to worry about audio through updates. Do you still have a native AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E?
  10. I put it in my EFI folder and it worked perfectly on the first try! Didn't even have to do a cache rebuild. Could you possibly explain to me what you did to change things around? I looked through it in the Clover Configurator, but I don't know what half the stuff means *Side note: Am I good to disable Verbose mode? EDIT: Actually, one small issue. I can't switch between audio devices. As in whichever audio system is plugged in on startup (Headphones in front or speakers in rear), that is the only audio I can use unless I reboot. If I pull out my headphones, I can't switch back to my speakers, and vice versa.
  11. Sorry for response delay, I've been doing other things all day, I'll be trying this soon. Thanks Kvon!
  12. Normal Boot or without cache? I assume normal.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I've updated my details, so you have a little more to go off of. In terms of the config, at this point I was almost guessing at setting in the Clover Configurator to figure this out.
  14. Hey everyone, first time posting, so let's see how this goes. I created my first clover hack on r3079, and everything has been working. I then fixed iMessage, then decided to update to r3094, and now r3113. This is when things get weird. Ever since these updates, whenever I boot my machine, I now am occasionally able to boot into Yosemite fine, but most of the time I have to press the space bar and select "Boot OS X without caches" or the system hangs at halfway through the loading bar. Is there anywhere to forgo this? I've tried rebuilding my caches multiple times, and nothing seems to be working. On top of this, sometimes when I shutdown, my desktop doesn't actually shut down and reboots itself, and I get an error message when OS X boots saying there was a problem with shutting down and the system restarted itself. Can anyone help with this? Additional Info: In my BIOS I have all of the lower Advanced CPU settings disabled, such as EIST and C-States for stability of my overclock. config.plist.zip