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  1. applehacker

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hello, I installed AppleALC into the EFI Clover folder, and it partially works. Headphone detection/playback works, and so does microphone. However, internal speakers are detected, but no audio is ever played via internal speakers. I believe codec is ALC298. 1. Razer Blade Pro FHD 2017 2. ALC298 3. Layout 4 injected in method HDEF, tried all the other layouts suggested in the compatibility list on github for this codec. 4. 10.14 5. See attached plist from dump Info.plist
  2. Yes but the options have changed so much since mavericks, I don't know where to start. Are there DSDT patches for intel HD 630, 200 series USB, etc....
  3. Used this guide, doesn't work for my razer blade, never loads to installer. OSx86 veteran and cannot figure out for the life of my why this doesn't work. Already loaded a DSDT with applicable patches, no improvement.
  4. applehacker

    Attempting to install Mojave on RBP

    Yes that's the guide I used, still insta reboots the installer as soon as it finishes loading. Not sure why, does installer save verbose mode logs?
  5. Hey all, I'm trying to install 10.14 on my Razer blade pro, using the default clover folder from Mald0n. However, as soon as DSMOS arrived, computer reboots. I cannot patch my DSDT, as I don't have access to mac or hackintosh. I've uploaded my DSDT dump in this post. Computer specs: Kabylake 7700HQ Intel HD 630 Nvidia GTX 1060 (optimus, but also hardwired to HDMI slot) 1920x1080 display via internal eDP connection 256gb nvme ssd + 512gb SATA III ssd (will be installing to sata III ssd) I2c synaptics trackpad (windows 2015) killer 1535 wifi (i know this is unsupported) Please help me try to understand why the installer insta reboots. I've already updated lilu + whatevergreen and fakesmc, no effect. Razer_Blade_Pro_Dump.zip
  6. Hello all, It has been a long time since I touched hackintosh, not since mountain lion/mavericks days. I'm very behind on what is required to get macos running now, and I no longer have access to mac or hackintosh. I dumped my DSDT, can anybody be so kind as to patch it? I understand we can no longer inject intel graphics through DSDT? Shame, I used to have only three kexts to run my computers, now it seems I need many more...dsdt dump attached. Thank you in advance for your help! Razer_Blade_Pro_Dump.zip
  7. applehacker

    I got banned on tonyMacx86, what do I do?

    Tonymac has been cancer since day 1. The only home for Osx86 is insanelymac, been here since JaS's Tiger release lol
  8. applehacker

    Crossfire AMD 7970M?

    I know, but I would like to get OS X to load on internal LVDS with both cards plugged in instead of having to take one out, which requires disassembly of the whole laptop.
  9. applehacker

    Crossfire AMD 7970M?

    I couldn't get _OFF to work because that scope is inaccessible from crossfire mode. I did make some progress though. If I plug in my HDMI cord to my TV, it activates the laptop internal LVDS screen. If no HDMI, it remains black screen. What can I do to fix this?
  10. applehacker

    Crossfire AMD 7970M?

    FB is required, it is custom patched to support internal laptop LVDS
  11. applehacker

    Crossfire AMD 7970M?

    I have succeeded in making a single 7970M work in OS X, would it be possible to make two cards work in OSX86? Currently, even with frame buffer mod and DSDT edits, I am getting a black screen on LVDS. Would it be possible to get both cards working, or a way to disable one of the crossfire cards?
  12. applehacker

    [Working] ATi Mobility Radeon 7970M HD

    For now yes. HDMI output is expected to be working as well, it was working natively with Buri framebuffer so I didn't bother to edit/change it. No VGA to test and no display port to test either.
  13. applehacker

    [Working] ATi Mobility Radeon 7970M HD

    Guys, I've finally managed to do it. Two years (on/off) worth of testing, and I've finally managed to enable FULL dGPU ACCELERATION in OS X Mavericks for the ATi Mobility Radeon 7970M HD!!! I have something useful to contribute finally Proof: http://i57.tinypic.com/2r60jzs.png I found/decoded the correct connectors and patched the appropriate controller kext, and it works beautifully. So far, on the M17x R4, the following is working {Note: I am using Chameleon Bootloader r2380} Full CPU Support (all cores/threads) [native support] All RAM Recognized (in my case, 16GB) [native support] Intel HD 4000 Full Accleration (when set to iGPU or SG in BIOS) [patched in the DSDT] ATi Mobility Radeon 7970M Full Acceleration (When set to PEG in BIOS) [needs my patched kext] DVD/Blu ray drive (works natively) Touchpad mimicking Apple's Touchpad (works with VoodooPS2) All USB/ESATA Ports (works with correct DSDT) Webcam (works with correct DSDT) Wifi (replaced stock card with AR9280 card, recognized natively) Bluetooth (works natively) Things still need to be worked on: Audio (the flaky Recon3Di chip is not helping my case....) [probably will approach with voodooHDA, later with AppleHDA] Sleep/Wake support [needs DSDT tweaking] WORKING HDMI Output [needs connector patching in framebuffer] DP Output [needs connector patching in framebuffer] VGA Output [needs connector patching in framebuffer] AlienFX Control [no freaking clue.....] Memory card reader [will explore voodooSDXC] Additional cards may be made to work if they are donated to me to work on (talking about ATi cards, I refuse to work on nVidia) So all in all.....ITS POSSIBLE GUYS! Link to my "Extra" folder, including patched AMD kext: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vd037sda5anouur/M17x_R4_Extra.zip For those interested: Proper Framebuffer is: Buri Initial address in framebuffer: 02000000000100002905010010000505 the proper connector patch is: 02000000400000000901000010000005 M17x_R4 Extra.zip AMD7000Controller.kext.zip
  14. applehacker

    HD7970m and Clevo p370em

    I tried your patch, still getting blackscreen w/backlight. Very strange, even though we have exact same dumps......still not working.
  15. applehacker

    HD7970m and Clevo p370em

    I was actually experimenting on Yosemite