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  1. Gudv1n

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS, Not work nvram. bios 3703.
  2. Gudv1n


    I try, not worked
  3. Gudv1n


    Hi! I have this PC: i7-6850K ASRock X99 Extreme6 16GB DDR4 AMD R9 390 8GB I want install ozmosis bootloader. I maked bios with ozmosis(attached BIOS.zip). I flashed him and not view logo Ozmosis. Next I make USB flash with this contents (USBFLASH.zip), bcfg driver add 0 DBounce.efi "DBounce". And after reboot i add APFS boot.efi. I try boot and Mac OS X not supported on this platform. (photo.jpg) BIOS.zip USBFLASH.zip How to run ozmosis on this board?
  4. Panic on RAM. Try write RAM in config in section SMBIOS. And Trust => False in SMBIOS.
  5. Hi! Please attachment photo KP.
  6. Gudv1n

    MSI GT72S 6QD for macOS Sierra

    I run you battery. Price: 5$.
  7. Hi! Thanks Rehabman and pike for opportunity run NVMe. It works. But not everything is so good with updates. Exist good patcher Lilu. Maybe create PlugIn for this kext? For patching NVMe without patches tied for version macOS.
  8. Го в ВКонтакте, заведу твою машинку.
  9. Gudv1n

    Установка на AMD

    Ну, а в чём проблема? Если хочешь напиши мне ВКонтакте... заведу в два счёта
  10. Better to buy Skylake. If not bought X99.
  11. Gudv1n

    [HELP]Radeon card not detected

    This is Graphics Card not work on OSX
  12. Gudv1n

    OSX on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335

    If HD 7340 not onboard card and not onboard card in this notebook, then go install.
  13. Gudv1n

    Acer e15-551G-88BW

    No, Graphics in this notebook not working on OS X.
  14. Gudv1n

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    MB: ASRock N68-S CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 215 RAM: 2GB DDR2 GPU: NVidia Geforce GT 630 works with InjectNVIDIA HDD: 250GB Maxtor Bootloader: Clover EFI on MBR Kernel: 10.10.5 forgot author,without pthread.kext OS X Version: Yosemite 10.10.5, fully updated.
  15. Gudv1n

    HD 6950 Yosemite

    Hello forum users! I have a graphics card Radeon HD 6950. The problem is, if you run without safe mode, there will be a white screen. I heard about the way with two graphics cards, but I do not remember how to do it. Help me please! Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 1090T Bootloader: Chameleon