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  1. As I found no binary kext for DiskArbitrationFixup Lilu plugin from https://github.com/Goldfish64/DiskArbitrationFixup, I compiled current version. Attached below, as it may be useful for other people. This Lilu plug-in disables error "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" after macOS boot in case you have eg. Linux partitions in the same computer. Compiled under macOS 10.14.3 without debugging symbols against Lilu 1.3.4 headers. Requires Lilu.kext (https://github.com/acidanthera/Lilu) alongside to work. I do not give any warranty for its work and I am not an author of original code. DiskArbitrationFixup-08032019.zip
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    And it won't gonna work untill Intel publish drivers for OS X. You have to replace with e. g. Atheros AR9285 or AR5B95, or any OS X compatible half mini pci-e wi-fi card. Connecting the antenna will be a bit problematic, too.
  3. OK, I think I figured out everything You added to DSDT to get Fn keys working. But post a patch anyway if You can . My new hackintosh was working before with Clover (with previous computers I used always PC_EFI or Chameleon so that was my first try with EFI loader). Installation couple weeks ago was quite usual and everything was working with Clover DSDT patcher, except battery, brightness and function keys. WiFi was changed so now it works, sound by VoodooHDA (my tries to patch AppleHDA was unsuccessful). Now with your files I got battery indicator working and finally Fn keys works OK (brightness has to be set in Keyboard shortcuts to F5 and F6 - maybe I missed something in DSDT analyze, so still patch would be usefull for me to see if I missed anything). SSDT seem to work as well and sleeping does not reset computer now (but after couple seconds the system is beeing woken up again, it's still usefull to get display working if it starts blank. Ahh, I still have problem with black display. About half of bootings the system boots into black screen. Any better fixes? So here is my DSDT for my Asus UX32VD i5 edition (1366x768 display) - it's 212 Firware wersion DSDT with Clover shutdown, display, USB and audio fix; with added parts to get Fn keys work and also copied audio HDEF part, but that is still not working with vanilla driver. Thanks a lot and bye! dsdt.aml.zip
  4. Hi, can You make a patch with changes You added to DSDT for Fn keys to work? I am getting problem with every DSDT I download here (probably because my UX32VD is i5, not i7 version) so I am stick to Clover only and it's automatic DSDT patching. Thanks in advance.
  5. I've got Asus F3Sc laptop and I have been using there 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. Now it is running under 10.6.7. I am trying to install Lion with the method mentioned above, but got stuck in a wear problem. At first I got problems with PCI configuration, but using older AppleACPIPlatform and IOPCIFamily kext fix it. But the system stops after some time, just in the moment the graphics should appear. Stop is the wrong word - the last message - SendHCIRequestFormatted is reapeted every couple seconds, so there is no hard crash. I was suspecting problems with video card (GeForce 8400 M G) but I think that's not the point. I tried turning on and off GraphicsEnabler, or using NVEnabler or NVinject - no difference. So I was suspecting problems with encrypted installer, but DSMOS is arriving, and using different fakesmc or even old AppleDecrypt kext makes no difference. Photo attached. Any ideas?
  6. I have a strange problem with VoodooPS2Controller under 10.6.1. All the compiled versions of this kext for snow leopard does not work for me. They just aren't loaded during boot - only once or two times I got them loaded but I didn't find any factor exept random luck to say why on that time they were working. Usually they don't work. Dot. I was using VoodooPS2Controller under 10.5 and now I use old vanilla VoodooPS2Controller under 10.6 but as it is 32-bit only my snow leopard must be booted with 32-bit kernel as well. Does any of you have any clue? Is there some new branch of VoodooPS2 that is more usefull in 64-bits? And where can I get sourcecode of 64-bit VoodooPS2??
  7. I still didn't get the issue. VoodooPS2Controller (all compiled versions I found on net) hardly ever loads on my snow leopard and I have no idea why. No I am using leopard 32-bit orginal VoodooPS2Controller and everythings work, but this means my snow leopard works only under 32-bit kernel. Does any of you have sourcecode of VooodooPS2Controller 64-bit?
  8. I had the same problem - I used a NVinject from http://www.filefactory.com/file/a0b552h/n/SL64_Kexts_zip and now QE is working, altough it sees my card not as 8400 but 8600.
  9. I tried and sometimes it works. But usually they do not load during startup and loading them later does not activate keyboard. Can I somehow force them to load at every boot time?
  10. It doesn't work as well. I made an update to 10.6.1 and suddenly it started to work. But after mixing with more aditional kext it does'nt work PS/2 kext anymore. Any ideas?
  11. They didn't work. I checked both /Extra/Extensions and normal Extensions folder, ownership and attributes are OK. None of this kext seemed to load as there was no text about them in verbose mode. Any other ideas?
  12. After long strugle I managed to upgrade my 10.5 to Snow Leopard on Asus F3Sc. But Login window is all I get - my PS/2 keyboard does not work. I've already tride something like dozen different kexts - VoodooPS2, ApplePS2, PS2Nub, in both /System/Library/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions - but none of them worked. Does any of you have some solution for me? That's really annoying that osx86 world still didn't managed to solve basic keyboard problem.
  13. olvko

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    And does anybody know how to make ALC660-VD to work with audio output minijack port?? It used to work under old drivers (with reboot problems) but now I have only working Mic port but no Audio out.
  14. olvko

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Well, after couple weeks now I can say that this new ALC 660-VD driver really works better and I have no longer had problems with shuting down (in the begining I thought it works in about 50% cases). But my audio output in my laptop is silent and with other drivers I was able to connect external speakers. Can you guys fix it?
  15. olvko

    Chameleon with DSDT override

    Seems to work OK for me. I used to use modified BIOS and I dumped DSDT from that - now I can use vanilla BIOS and with Your patch everything is OK - two cores and new AppleACPIPlatform and AppleAPIC as weel. Good work!