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  1. Need info from hack users

    this is great everyone, we need more though. Keep 'em coming. rofl
  2. Need info from hack users

    Ok, some devs need the info of what kexts you are using with what hardware, please list the specs of your system and what hacked, if any, kexts you are using. Please include mobo, vidcard, if using efi, sound card, and network cards. thank you this info will be of much help
  3. GMA900 with qe/ci

    Yeah i was going with the second about the new framebuffer, so i replaced it with a old 10.4.8 gma900 package one, that did nothing, then i replaced it with a gma950 one out of the same disc, which also did nothing. Currently we are looking into modifying DiaboliK's alkor.kext to work with the gma900. Im not sure how to do that so realaly im waiting on someone that knows what the f**k there doing. We also kinda gave up on this method becuase we have a feeling that we are just tricking sys pro into thinking that its enabled, which would allow things that are just looking for a yes or no(such as menu transparencies) to be active, and stuff that actually needs it to run (such as the blur effect on menu transparencies) to not. Just thought i would throw that out there. rofl
  4. Leopard Driver for GMA900 (915GL)

    Ok Everyone, Me and B666 were messing around last night with my GMA900, it is on a Dell Inspiron 2200. We Got It Working Well kinda. It says that core image is hardware accelerated and that both quartz extreme and quzrtzGL are supported. I think that this is a great step in the right direction but alot of the qe/ci things that should be enabled arent. My guess is that it is a FB issue. I have tried with both a 900 framebuffer from a JaS DVD and the 950 one. The way that I got this working can be found here Here. BTW, Joe was close, you edit the 915 kext to look at the 950 resources
  5. GMA900 with qe/ci

    Thank You, Anyone have any clue on the issue though?
  6. GMA900 with qe/ci

    I have got my gma900 working with qe/ci support. I followed this guide http://forum.applesana.com/52/6831/gma900-...tz-extreme.html, but if you dont speak spanish i will lay it out here. 1) Get the AppleIntel915.kext from a previous 10.4.x install DVD 2) Edit the Info.plist in that kext so that any instance of a 915 bundle or plugin reads GMA900 where 915 is 3) Replace the AppleIntelGMA950.kext with your now modded AppleIntel915.kext 4) Repair permissions on the /Extensions/ folder 5) Type sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver QuartzGLEnabled -boolean YES in terminal 6) Type sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver Compositor -dict deferredUpdates 0 in terminal 7) Reboot After doing these steps, your system profiler should read that core image is hardware accelerated, quartz extreme is supported, and quartzGL is supported. Congrats you now have qe/ci, but if you notice many aspects of qe/ci arent there ( such as transparent menubar, coverflow in itunes, spaces lags, timemachine lags, and everything is still choppy. This is where my problem lies, how do we fix the fact that it is all supported but we still dont have all the features? Please leave any feedback you have, no matter how off the wall it is, it may be the thing that works. rofl
  7. "You Need To Restart Computer" Error?

    thats called a kernel panic btw
  8. Installing Leopard

    does anyone think this should be sticky'd?
  9. Installing Leopard

    Ok, hacking OS X or distributing it is illegal. If you have a certian ToH RC2 disk this is the guide for you. You may not find it on a site with two broken stones. Now on to how to. This will only work on Intel SSE2/SSE3 processors an AMD disk is in the works Once you have the image on a DVD jsut install it. You can use the Disk Utility in your DVD to format your partition. I have heard success stories about upgrading from tiger but have not tryed it myself. After installer is done you need to do this to get the bootloader to work. 1.) Boot into the install DVD 2.) Open Terminal from the disk 3.) Type where VOLNAME is the name of your partition (for example "Leopard") PS anything pertaining to Error 35 is normal at any point while running OSx86 4.) Now reboot without the disk and you should have Leopard running After installation, I beleive that you use the same tweaks to get your hardware working as in Tiger. If you have questions or things I left out please post them here. Thanks, rofl
  10. L34p4rd x2

    is the DVD for SSE3 or SSE2 or AMD or all?
  11. Leopard on osx86?

    forget AMD what about SSE2?
  12. Leopard on osx86?

    for some reason i doubt that but i hope im wrong , i was hoping to have it b4 i left in the morning
  13. Leopard on osx86?

    So you are absolutely positive? couldnt they release a Intel only tonite then do the AMD tomorrow? wouldnt this atleast make them stick to there word?
  14. Leopard on osx86?

    where did you get that news? Cuz over here not an hour ago bikedude880 (who is on board for making it) said that they were in the testing stages and that it was still on track for 6 PM (only 2 hours 10 minutes left). Not shooting you down just wondering where it came from
  15. L34p4rd x2

    any updates on whether the last 1% is going well? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry482742 p-j said that it was delayed until tomorrow but i am skeptical, can anyone confirm or deny?