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  1. On 10.7.5 framebuffer does not patch works right out of the box to 10.8.2, you need to patch The card is not reference: 2 - DVI, 1 - HDMI, 1 - big DP graphicsenabler = No It works through the DSDT @Taptun
  2. My last DSDT , all works :wink2: . My video - ATI HD6870 . replace its your @Taptun GA-X58A-UD3R.zip
  3. Try :wink2: Device (IGPU), can be removed http://ark.intel.com/products/43122/Intel-Core-i7-720QM-Processor-%286M-Cache-1_60-GHz%29 I not clean DSDT2.zip
  4. Hi yehia Amer I have been using only the version of 10.6.2 Everything works (SL , LION & ML) (LayoutID - 7603) AppleHDA.kext_10.6.2.zip
  5. Taptun

    First tries

    Mountain Lion Installation of the terminal: sudo installer -verbose -pkg "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg" -tgt /Volumes/Your drive (My - MountLion) But before that unzip InstallESD.dmg :wink2:
  6. mach_kernel patched for 10.7.3 http://www.osx86.net..._lapic.fix.html or made in Taptun http://www.mediafire...swz9x9dp5mtryb4 @Taptun
  7. Always glad to help who can fix the first post, add all the patches + all kernel + kexts ??? I would appreciate it @Taptun
  8. remove S\L\E\AppleGraphicsControl.kext\Contents\PlugIns\ApplePolicyControl.kext And you will be happy @Taptun