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  1. Did this all but there is no extra option to choose which bootloader, and the fresh Sierra install in my Application folder is not being installed in the USB drive.. I tried practical everything on the book but can't manage I used Sierra Macpwd for Sierra and Installation failed, then downloaded Macpwd for Sierra high, successful but can't boot and there is no Sierra install on the USB...what am I doing wrong????
  2. Unetwork

    [Help] Mac OS version Not yet set

    Just follow this link and sure all is solved http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299655-help-mavericks-wont-start-mac-os-version-not-yet-set/
  3. UPDATE - SOLVED For any one that does have the same problem and panic here is the solution, just did it and all my OS again are working with no problem at all The problem is caused by the bios of your PC this when you use dual boot, in my case windows 7 64, Mavericks and Mountain lion each operating systems on a different Hard drive. Windows goes and stays inside the memory of you motherboard So make the bios again clean (in my case a patched bios) REMOVE THE BATTERY OF YOUR MOTHERBOARD (unplug the power cord) Hit the power switch Now put the battery back inside Do a new setup inside the bios like AHCI instead of IDE reboot your hackintosh and you will see all is ok again
  4. ok no one can give me any idea as with re-installing Mavericks with all the right flags the panic also comes..I tried to reset the bios, deleted from the bios all user data but can't get into the Mavericks setup...
  5. Thanks for the reply but I just did that and at the install the same (as I wrote above) messages panic comes up A format is the last resort just wonder why and Mavericks and Mountain lion suddenly does not work anymore Its a original Mavericks DVD and installed Mavericks over 4 months ago without any problems
  6. Hi everyone I have in 4 HDD Windows 7, ML and on another HDD Mavericks installed and must say all was running just great Today wanted to start Mavericks and I got a panic mac os version not yet set So wanted to check the disk in Mountain lion which was working fine as well and the same mac os version not yet set came up. Just wanted at the end to check the diskutil from the DVD and again even the DVD is showing mac os version not yet set I checked the bios but all is just fine there and no changes were made. I am using a Asus P5Q Pro with Nvidea G210 4GB DDR Did not make any hardware changes... tried to boor with PCIRootUID=0 and also with -s Nothing.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  7. Guess no one...ok will move on to solve this mystery..
  8. Hi all hope someone can clear this.. Last night I put an extra 4Gb DDR2 (have a Asus P5Q Pro quad core Intel) The DDR2 is not the same brand but the same speed The graphical card is the same Geforce G210 (used the OSX default driver) But after this the hackintosh won't boot In Windows 7 no problems works fine and fast Ok I searched for a solution here and with uncle google and disabled graphicsenabler =no with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Now it would not boot all even with -v -x also tried PCIRootUID=0 command line So I went back to the setup and went to the backup function But now the HD will not boot so the boot sector is one. I have to use the boot from the DVD now and tried all kind of things to be able to boot direct to my hard drive but no succes Any ideas?
  9. Still wonder how a mouse eats a cat