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    Lenovo B570

    You can correct the problem in "Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier keys…" by swapping the two keys.
  2. csd79

    Lenovo B570

    I made a second attempt at installing Mac OS on my Lenovo, and this time it went much better & the boot time is good as well. I'm not sure what mistake I made during the first attempt, but everything's fine now. Again, thank you for this guide!
  3. csd79

    Lenovo B570

    Re-reading my first post, I can see that I wasn't too clean describing the problem, sorry about that. My boot looks like this: Light grey screen with Apple logo: ~1 - 1.5 min Light blue screen: ~4min Unresponsive login screen: ~4min So when the login screen appears, it's only responding to any input after another few minutes waiting (mouse cursor moves thou). Kernel cache is enabled in Chameleon plist. Sometimes I leave some apps open upon shutting down the system, it doesn't make any difference in the boot time.
  4. csd79

    Lenovo B570

    Hi Macinsane, First of all, thank you for this guide. I managed to install iAtkos L2 on my B570, and all seems OK, except that after installing some apps, the boot time went up drastically. After re-reading you first post, I figured that it might be caused by a specific application. Currently I have iWork '09, iLife '11 and Matlab installed with some related updates and some video apps still waiting for installation. Do you have any idea which one caused this?
  5. YES! I unplugged everything for a few minutes, then did a BIOS defaults reset, and now it works. I can't believe it! Thank you Blackosx, you saved my life!
  6. Sorry, probably I wasn't clear in my description of the situation. After failing with DSDT & 10.6, I just did what you suggest above. First, just restore the /E from backup, then (seeing that the network problem still remained) I erased the Chameleon partition and reinstalled it & copied the same kexts as before. Still no good, so I reinstalled OS X + Cham, following the same steps as before, as you described in your guide. In between these steps I checked the BIOS setup multiple times & loaded default settings etc. So, in a nutshell, the same setup of kexts & /E that worked before isn't working now, and I just don't know what I was doing differently the first time (nothing, I think). After a few days of experiments it really drives me crazy that on Windows XP there's nothing wrong with the network. Maybe I'll buy a PCI LAN card. Anyway, thank you for the answer, and also for your work here on insanely, your guides are really great! (Quick note for your DSDT Guide: in ACPiPatcher, although PEGP isn't present in my graphics path, OS X doesn't load the graphics driver without checking it. It's probably an issue specific for UD3LR, maybe worth mentioning.)
  7. Thank you Blackosx for the guide., I used it with success on my new EP45-UD3LR. ...but After using 10.5.7 and Windows XP for a few days (everything's working perfectly with both OSs), I decided to try and move on to DSDT to be able to install 10.6. Sometime during the preparations, network just stopped working in Mac OS X. (Onboard LAN.) Under Windows it worked fine. After I failed to make 10.6 work at the first try I restored the original kexts and everything in /E to the point where it was working OK, but network was still down. Since then I reinstalled OS X several times, I checked BIOS settings & used "Restore defaults", installed Psystar RTL kext, nothing helped. By the way, first time my network was working even when starting OS X with a boot132 cd, OOB. Now, it doesn't. The simptoms are always the same. Network Utility shows network interface model as RTL8169. Docs of my mobo says it's 8111C. System profiler shows network device en0. In network preferences, I can do my usual settings (manual IP & router), on the left side ethernet shows as "Connected". But there is no traffic, I can't even ping my router ("Host down"). On the same machine with Windows, it still works OK. My config: GA-EP45-UD3LR, C2Q Q9550, 4GB Geil DDR2 800MHz, Gainward GeForce 9800GT 512MB (in the EFI string I put 8800GT), Samsung 320Gb SATA2, Chieftech 500W PSU. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hi everybody My friend have a problem with his Kalyway 10.4.10 installation. He has a P5P800-SE mobo with Pentium D CPU. He succesfully installed Kalyway on his machine. Everything is fine, only when he runs Safari or Firefox to browse the net, after a certain time the whole system freezes. First he installed a kernel extension for the mobo network device, but yesterday he reinstalled the whole thing, without this kext, but it didn't help the problem. Any suggestions? (sorry for my english)