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  1. Hey, Thanks for the reply. I'm on Windows 10 1903. My Mac VM was working fine on Vmware 15.0.2. When I went to update to Windows 10 1903, Windows actually required me to update Vmware to 15.1, saying that 15.0 was incompatible with it. So then I updated to Vmware 15.1, and then was able to install Windows 10 1903. The VM had been fully shutdown before either of these updates. Now, when I try to boot the Mac VM up, it shows the apple logo, with a progress bar that takes a while to get to the halfway mark or so, and then reboots itself and does until I power it down. I have tried deleting the .nvram file (which has worked before) but that didn't fix anything. I have also tried unisntalling the unlocker and then putting it back, several times. Neither of these worked. Please let me know if you have any ideas.
  2. My mac VM is caught in an endless loop at startup on 15.1. I ran unlocker 3.02, it did no good. I have run win-uninstall and win-install just to see if that would help, but nothing did. Anybody have a suggestion?
  3. Hi Guys, I just upgraded to El Capitan on my VMWare installation. When I try to sign into the App Store to do updates, the login stalls, just as it always has with iMessage. This appears to be a problem with the hardware ID, which they are apparently validating even for the app store now. Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this? I have an old, broken Mac Mini that I can get the serial number off of, but I have no idea how to apply it and fix this problem (and I'm not sure if the serial is the same as the hardware ID anyway).