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  1. Hi, According to the information in the wiki I've bought Asus WL-138g v2 wireless card and as expected it worked out of the box. There is one problem though, every time I download a file pings to my router raise to 2000-6000 ms in random time intervals. That's quite annoying because it causes my internet connection to get really slow and actually unusable. I've read several topics about this wireless card and bought a new (30cm) wireless antenna and replaced card's default antenna with this one, but got no luck with the pings. Any ideas what causes this strange behavior and possibly a way to fix it? The card works flawlessly on windows so I guess it's not a hardware issue. Thanks!
  2. Usb Wireless

    I tried searching but it looks like the search feature is out of order right now, or it's just me? No matter what I type into searchfileld I get
  3. Usb Wireless

    Hi! I was wondering if a WIFI usb dongle would work on OSX ? If yes should I look for a specified chipset like broadcom 57xx or something similar?
  4. Solution for Realtek ALC262

    Alfred, you're my saviour! Thank you for the codec dump file and your solution, works great on Leopard
  5. Marvell on Leopard (10.5)

    Hi, Thanks for the guide p3t3rZ, but I have a problem. When I try to restart with -x -v I type "sudo reboot -x -v" into the terminal, but it says "reboot: illegal option -- x". What am I doing wrong?
  6. I have the same problem, though I'm using Tiger 10.4.10. I think there's no way I can get my headphones working The only thing that works are internal speakers using AppleAzaliaAudio kext, but there's no input or output. Taruga's ALC262 kext shows input and output, but there's no sound at all. I have tried several other kexts but all my tries were rather unsuccessful. Is there anything I can do ?