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  1. Dual Display Support for PowerColor X1600XT

    I gave the Natit Dual v .02 a shot - sadly, it didn't seem to recognize my card at all.... But then, all I did was run the package installer off of Uphuck's disk. Perhaps I missed a step in there? I hope you didn't infer from my post that I was necessarily complaining about the age of the Natit releases. I actually find it quite encouraging to know that they are stable enough to not have needed an update since the wiki made mention of them. Since, however, that has not been my experience with other bits of OSx86, I assumed that meant the wiki was out of date. The Natit driver, aside from the lack of dual display support (for me, at the moment), really is very slick. It correctly identifies the card in System profiler, sleeps, runs like a rocket.... I'm truly very pleased with the amount of functionality I have at the moment, so if the answer is "dual display's not feasible for your card" I'll not cry - I'll still be very grateful for what I have! I'd just like to know if there is a reasonably-easy way to get at that last little bit of missing functionality. I replaced the Info.plist in the Natit x1600 kext with the dualx1600.plist file in the archive guacho supplied - renaming guacho's file to "Info.plist". I rebooted my machine, and the driver didn't load. When I tried to put the original Info.plist back in the kext, the OS complained (on reboot) that the kext was broken and needed to be reinstalled. Fair enough. Can't think of a good solution, other than encouraging people to keep the wiki up to date with their findings. (Of course, if people like me disbelieve what they see on the wiki....) Again - fair enough. I truly am grateful for the effort that has gone into the current state of OSx86. Truly impressive. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Dual Display Support for PowerColor X1600XT

    I've got a PowerColor X1600 XT PCIe w/ 256 MB VRAM. Using the version of Natit off of Uphuck's 10.4.9 v1.3 DVD, I'm able to get: Full resolution support and switching Monitor sleep Full Color QE/CI Rotation What I can't get is dual display - neither dual DVI (which is the what's on the back of the card) nor DVI + VGA; haven't tried dual VGA 'cause it's not important to me. There are numerous threads related to the Natit extension, and many, many mentions of dual display across them (as a Google search will reveal). The trouble is, some of the best (sounding) fixes I've encountered are over a year old and seem to break the current kernel extension (in particular, the .plist supplied by gaucho - in a thread with 37 pages to date). There's so much information, it's just too much to wade through - and since so much of it seems out of date.... Is there a more current discussion on the subject of dual display with x1600 cards? Does anyone know of a fix for my card? Thanks in advance for your help! On a broader note: while these forums are helpful, it's unfortunate that the wiki seems to be languishing. The forums are great for in-flight discussions, but the real power of the wiki is that it aggregates knowledge about a topic once the discussion has been settled. The most recent references to the Natit drives on the wiki date back to the end of 2006. I'm sure things have happened between now and then!
  3. Bg problem when it comes to installing

    Or you could burn the DVD on your main PC (I'm assuming, by the way, that since you're even downloading the torrent you have a burner on your main computer) and then move the DVD drive from your main PC to the spare PC for the install. It's a pain, but it doesn't cost anything.
  4. Can't install apps

    If the install fails to mount a disk image, that signals some fairly significant problem with the OS. And since the machine boots, it doesn't sound much like a hardware problem. What happens when you open Disk Utility? System Profiler? Are you noticing other significant problems? I'd suggest that you ensure that the ISO you got isn't corrupted - checksum it and compare to the checksum mac.nub included with the distro. If that checks out, burn a new DVD, slowly (as has been suggested, to minimize errors during write), and let your DVD burning software verify that the disk was correctly written. Then wipe out your OS X install and start again from scratch. In the past, I've seen troubles like what you're describing with disk mounting (and had corresponding problems with things like Disk Utility and System Profiler). A reburn/reinstall has successfully solved the problem in the past.
  5. OSX86 10.5 Leo [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only

    @PGHammer: .kexts are "packages" - which is to say that they're directories. You'll need to cd into the .kext before you edit anything. Poke around inside the package and see if you can't find the right file to edit. I'd point you to the exact file, but I'm at work on a PC and don't recall at the moment. It should be obvious.
  6. Problem with 10.4.10 Mac.nub version

    It may be hard to get a reply there, but that's where you should post your problems. It not only increases the likelihood that someone will read and respond (whereas this way you'll get overlooked or pointedly ignored) but also means that someone else who wants answers won't have to read several threads to get them. EDIT: Wonderful. The moderators have now locked the official mac.nub thread because mac.nub asked them to. So, while mac.nub is off catching up on real life (completely legitimate), the rest of us can't get together and answer each other's questions in the thread in which it makes the most sense to do so. Good job to whomever closed the thread. @rh535: unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question. Hopefully someone who does will come along soon, now that the official thread's closed.
  7. Absolutely. Buy a MacBook (but wait until the expected refresh next week) or a MacBook Pro. There's just no good reason to spend the enormous amount of time required to set up and maintain a Hackintosh if you're setting out to buy a new computer anyway. Unless, of course, you gain some perverse pleasure in watching hours of your time disappear while you tinker with the machine.
  8. @amantheboy07: I can't speak to the Diamond Radeon X1600 Pro specifically, but my PowerColor X1600XT works flawlessly with the Natit x1600 driver. I've got QE/CI, correct monitor resolution, my monitor is recognized in System Profiler (as is the card), display sleep works.... Aperture works smoothly - no trouble there that I can see. The only thing I've noticed is that if I connect a VGA display and a DVI display, only VGA is detected. Note that my card has dual DVI out.... Perhaps that's the issue. I've not dragged my other digital display home from work to test dual DVI yet. EDIT: I suppose "flawlessly" is inaccurate, since I noted there is a problem....
  9. If you're completely stuck on this release and haven't tried one of the other, earlier releases of 10.4.9 or .10, I suggest you give one of those a shot. I couldn't get this release to work on my Dimension 8400 (SSE2 only), but after some fiddling, I was able to get Uphuck's release booting correctly - and everything seems rock solid. Thanks again for your efforts, mac.nub; hope all the griping on this forum hasn't completely turned you off to making these releases - I for sure would have sworn not to ever bother with it again! As an aside, the difficulties that people are having with all this is an excellent illustration of why there is no Apple-official release of 10.4 or 10.5 for commodity PC hardware: with precise control over what hardware people can use, Apple is able to ensure that the OS will work flawlessly on all platforms - cause they can test them all. OSx86 is awesome (I'm running it, after all), but if it's straight-up compatibility you want and you're planning on getting a new machine in the near future, go buy a Mac. Cheers and good luck to all! Keep fiddling with settings - it'll come.
  10. Hey all (especially mac.nub): I've got an old(er) machine - a Dell Dimension 8400. It's got a P4 3.2 GHz with HT, SATA, PCIx, but does not have SSE3. I've poked around to see if the CPU in that machine can be upgraded to something with SSE3, but it appears I'm out of luck (though if someone out there knows more than me and can tell me otherwise, I'll be thrilled). So for now, I'm stuck with SSE2 only. Shelling out the money for a new machine isn't an option: if I were to do that, I'd buy a mac. I've tried the Universal kernel and the "Optional Kernel" that mentioned SSE2. After reboot (in both cases), I get a kernel panic with 'unable to find a driver for this platform "ACPI"'. I've searched the forum for this and found stuff related to earlier releases of OS X.... Nothing seemed directly applicable. I've successfully installed 10.4.6; Uphuck's 10.4.9 couldn't find my SATA drives but at least got further than this. My guess is that I selected the "wrong" set of packages from the install disk. Any ideas on what the correct set of core packages might be? I did Base System + the 8.9.1 package (with its kernel once and then minus that kernel with I used the kernel out of the optional kernels pacakge). Any help would be much appreciated. Failing responses, I might try Uphuck again but fiddle with the SATA drivers on this disk to see if I can hack together a working system. Thanks!
  11. Hey, thanks for doing this mac.nub. Much appreciated. Could you post a checksum so we can verify when we've got the whole thing? I didn't see one either on the demon or the bay.... Thanks again!