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  1. Just thought I'd bring this thread to a conclusion, should anyone come across it looking for the same information. I hate reading through a thread to find that it ends abruptly without any sort of conclusion. I picked up a evga 7600gt on ebay for $52, and it works perfectly. Leopard recognized the 1680x1050 resolution on both monitors over DVI and everything is working great. I'm still working out some things and migrate from windows XP, but as far as getting both monitors setup, this was easier than XP
  2. Ding Ding Ding! I think we have a winner Right price and works right out of the box. Now to see if they are still sold anywhere or if I need to start bidding on eBay. Thanks for all of your replies, this is a really helpful forum.
  3. Please do, the 8600gt is one of the models I was looking at buying. If it works with my system, that would be great. Now we're getting to the 7 series which I have been keeping an eye on eBay for. This has me curious as to whether I can get a lower end card - I'm thinking a 7600gt 256mb - that will output dual dvi at my resolution. I'll have to check out nvject and see if anyone has tried a similar setup.
  4. OK, now we're getting closer to my budget Is there any real difference (in dual DVI performance) between the gts with 512mb and the 256mb version? Or perhaps the 8600gt. Or maybe I'm just being entirely too tight with my wallet and I should just bite the bullet on the gts... The difference is ~ $40-$50, and I really won't be needing that much performance. Just trying to find the minimum price I can get the outputs and resolution I need. Thanks for your replies!
  5. Cool, at least I know that dual DVI output is possible with an 8x00 series nvidia card. I'm curious as to how the 8600gt would perform. A lot of them have dual DVI outputs, and it's right around my price point. Is anyone else running dual monitors successfully under leopard?
  6. I'm working on putting together a computer that should run OSX86, so far I've got the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L and Dual Core Pentium Processor, along with 2GB of Crucial Ballistix RAM on the way. What I'm getting stuck on is a video card that will run my dual 22" widescreen monitors at 1680x1050 resolution. Preferably with dual DVI support. If there are no good dual DVI video cards, I'd be willing to do DVI & VGA outputs. It's what I have now on my windows PC. I can tell the difference between the two monitors, but barely. Further down the list of preference - I'd be willing to run a PCI express card to run one monitor, and a PCI card outputting to the other (if such a thing is possible). I searched around, but I couldn't find anyone trying to run my particular display setup. I'd like to stay in around the $100 area, but if there's a proven solution I'd be willing to spend a little more. This is the last hangup before I can comfortably install Leopard. I'd appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks