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  1. Alexco

    Problem with XFX Radeon R9 280x DD and UEFI BIOS

    Fine that it is working now. I just encountered a problem with my setup. Wake up from sleep seem to work fine but if I start a 3D application I get graphic distortions and after a while the graphic driver crashes. Only solution is to reboot the box. Has someone an idea?
  2. Alexco

    Problem with XFX Radeon R9 280x DD and UEFI BIOS

    Hi, BIOS can be found here http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/, just select the proper card and test older versions first. Use a tool like GPU-Z (Windows) to determine the BIOS version flashed to your card. For Clover boot loader use <key>LoadVBios</key> <true/> and put the BIOS file to the folder EFI/CLOVER/ROM on your EFI partition. Rename it to [vendorID]_[deviceID].rom (use hex values). For chameleon I don´t know, sorry.
  3. Alexco

    Clover General discussion

    Hi all, I have a small problem with booting Windows 8.1 with Clover. If I start Windows UEFI Boot loader from Clover, Windows starts, but instead of seeing the desktop I only get a black screen. When using F12 Boot menu from BIOS Windows boots up nicely. I already found that this can be when using IGFX and Radeon GFX simultaneously. But I do not want to switch IGFX off, I use that in my OS X setup. Is there any other way around that? Furthermore, I can not start Windows from OS X with the start volume pref panel. Clover will always start my default drive, which is OS X. How can I solve this? Thanks!
  4. Alexco

    VoodooHDA - common problems

    Hi, since I had some issues with the patched AppleHDA I switched to VoodooHDA, version 2.8.7. Everything works correctly, except for sleep. After wakeup I have sound, but the Mic does not work anymore. Using Pref Panel or VoodooHDA settings loader also does not fix this. Also the getdump CLI tools only gives me "hello world"?!?. I have a GA z97 UD7 TH with ALC1150 audio device. Any tip would be appreciated..
  5. Alexco

    Problem with XFX Radeon R9 280x DD and UEFI BIOS

    Thanks, using Clover to load a BIOS works like a charm, but I used an older XFX non UEFI one for this. The box was running 3D benchmarks the entire night, no issues. (I think it does not matter if I use an Asus or this BIOS). Now I can safely ditch Ozmosis and concentrate on Audio and sleep...
  6. Hi all, I recently bought a XFX Radeon 280x DD Black Edition with UEFI Bios. Windows 8 runs fine but the card is not recognized by OS X. I used Ozmosis Bios and selected the option to inject ATI (and Intel for IGFX). Just before the login screen is shown the PC reboots. (without an error log, as far as I can see) I then tried Clover Bootloader and used the original Gigabyte Bios, again configured to inject ATI and Intel, but the result is the same. Using Google I found that I needed to reflash the Radeon card with a different Bios. I did so by using a somewhat older Bios (non UEFI) and I can reach the OS X desktop without issues. Card is correctly identified using Futomaki FB. But the card crashes instantly (at least the graphics driver) if I start a 3D application (Benchmark, etc.). Sadly this happens also with Windows 8. So the question is, what do I need to do to get the card running with the original Bios? Can I use the LoadVBios option in Clover to test different patched versions (and have the original flashed in the card)? Thanks! System: OS X 10.10.1 and Win 8.1 GA z97-UD7-TH with Intel 4970k and 16GB RAM XFX Radeon 280x DD Black Edition 3GB Ozmosis Bios or Clover