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  1. Ok thx! I will get started with it next week....
  2. Hey. I would love to give it a try. Has anyone any updates?
  3. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    It's a bit frustrating, cause I'm very close to getting it to work. I used the Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2[sSE2-SSE3]-Intel/AMD (2009/ENG). I installed all the kexts which where posted/mentioned here. I can boot SL with the Empire EFI CD and it runs fine, but not without the CD. Can anybody tell anything??? THX
  4. Asus P5B Deluxe

    At the moment I'm still running 10.5.4, because it took me ages to get it to work on my Asus P5B. I have read myself through countless threads, but haven't found a solid answer to my problem "Asus P5B". Has anyone been successful with this motherboard? If yes, then I would love to have the recipe.
  5. Hi, I have a iPC 10.5.6 running, but as soon as I copy a .dmg onto my desktop or try to mount it, the system crashes. Does anyone know the problem and/or a solution? Greetz Tino
  6. Hi, my systems has the following specs: Asus P5B Deluxe Intel@2CPU 6420 2.13GHz Geforce 8500 GT 256MB DDR2 JMicron JMB36X Controller I followed the instructions from the previous threads and I get the Kalaway version installed, but when I try, after the installation, to boot, it won't Can someone tell me all the things they changed in the Bios settings and other things they might have done to get it to work. I am new to this, so please be patient ;-) Thx
  7. Could someone tell me exactly, what Bios settings have to be set in order for osx to load? My installation works on my friends pc, but stops on mine with the apple logo: "Restart your computer..." btw: I have instlled the patch for the jmicron controller
  8. Mainboard: Asus P5B Deluxe Processor: Intel® 2CPU 6420 2.13GHz Graphics Card: Geforce 8500 GT 256MB DDR2 In the compatibility list, it says, that it works with this mainboard, but it needs patching. I have installed os x86 on a friends pc to ensure, that the installation worked properly. When I disable the Controller in the bios, it still wont load up os x completly. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  9. Problems with Jmicron PATA controller?

    I have installed it on my hardrive on a friends computer (his installation works), so the installation definatly works, but it os wont boot up on mine completly, so it must be the Jmicron PATA Controller.... I have disabled it already, but it still doesn't work. In the compatibility list, it says it needs patching!?!?!
  10. Problems with Jmicron PATA controller?

    Can no one help me? To which format do I have to format the HD anyway? MS DOS FILE SYSTEM? Maybe that is the problem. It is definatly not a hardware problem after all, cause it works on a friends computer (connected the HD on his computer). So it is probably the wrong partition/format!
  11. Mainboard: Asus P5B Deluxe Processor: Intel® 2CPU 6420 2.13GHz Graphics Card: Geforce 8500 GT 256MB DDR2 I got the Version JAS 10.4.8 installed after changing the SATA settings. Now the system boots until the grey apple screen with the apple logo in the middle. Then he tells me to restart. When I restart, it does the same again... The compatibility list says, that the Jmicron PATA controller needs configuring. But what exactly, or is it something else?