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    athene. MSI gaming 7 z97. 4790k. 980ti SLI. 32 inch Dell 4k /10.10.5/10.13.2/W10

    gemini. Asrock z97. 4790k. evga 780ti. 2x2k 27 inch Dells /10.13.2 only

    mini hack. Lenovo M93p tiny. i5 4570. HD 4600. SONY TV /10.11.6 only

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  1. Hey guys, the search function on the new site kinda bad - mine just times out with Gateway Error. has anyone got a working solution for dual booting Windows 10 and High Sierra and Magic Bluetooth and Apple Bluetooth keyboard? would appreciate any help to sort this out. thanks
  2. kctony, pay attention to MaLd0n, if anyone can get a perfect hack working it's him speaking from experience
  3. thanks theconnactic 4 years later my mac mini hack suddenly lost ability to wake up with USB/Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. your suggestion fixed it. awesome!
  4. millusions

    Hackintosh drive transfer to Mac Pro

    that worked. cheers finally have a mac that Apple TV can wake and put to sleep with Plex - sweet
  5. hey guys, i've got a nice hack going, with help from Mald0n it's pretty sweet. it's running on a 1TB SSHD with an additional 1TB WD Black 'carbon copy' for backup, the copy is identical as you can imagine even clover and clover EFI partition. so i got my hands on a cheap Mac Pro 3.1 2x3GHz and thinking of putting the WD Black 'clone' into the Mac Pro. will it be enough to just rename EFI folder in EFI parition? is there anything else i should do? thanks in advance
  6. thank you! looks great, havent tested yet
  7. millusions

    HDMI with 1070

    ive had similar sleep/wake issues with a gtx 980ti, i changed smbios to Mac Pro 5.1, was 6.1 and removed Nvidiagraphics fixup, since then everything is fine for months. apart from allowing MP 6.1 smbios what does Nvidiagraphics fixup actually do? works fine without it on two hacks for me, both 980ti old pic
  8. millusions

    AMD HD 7xxx FIX 10.9.2

  9. millusions

    cheapest PC GPU for Mac?

    series 6 and 7 nvidia cards should work on Mac Pro without drivers, except ti cards i believe. this was the case until high sierra, which killed gt 610 usage for me
  10. millusions

    TP Link Archer T8E / T9E and Mac OSX

    hey. never had any problems. still going ok. make sure it's connected to 5GHz network, go to network settings and 'forget' the non-5GHz network. otherwise ive never had to do anything else with this card. good hack
  11. millusions

    10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    yup. that guy is a genius. this is the best / most stable hack ever . nothing to fix now sorry MaLdOn, i know you dont like MP Smbios, but speed stepping seems to work better as MP 6.1 as 14.2 it was 4GHz all the time.
  12. millusions

    Introduce yourself.

    hey guys, late intro, im from Australia. hacking for a couple of years, started off with Niresh on AMD computers - that was painful but learned a lot. TonyMac stuff was next - it's ok for a novice. I really do not like Windows, used to run Linux but Mac OSX is the best Linux distro :):) Have owned a number of iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros, even the trashcan, but hack is much more powerful in every way. my main is a z97 build, 4790k, 1TB SSHD 10.13.2, GTX 980ti with 32 inch Dell 4k (DP) and 27 inch 4k (DVI) with help from MaLdOn it's a beast! really is, the best hack so far!
  13. power nap may not show up because of a darkwake flag in clover, from my experience. anker usb 3 hub was problem for my hacks and real mac with sleep, the computer would wake up straight away with reason "?" so that might save you a few reboots was driving me nuts on a real Mac Pro and broken sleep until i unplugged it lol if you post for help re: USB3 there are some helpful guys here with a lot more skill than me
  14. millusions

    10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    on the bright side, the z97 4790k 980ti machine is awesome now! the USB sound card sounds {censored} comparing to ALC1150. and USB 3 mounts in an instant both those things were painful, thanks for your help
  15. millusions

    10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    it's difficult to say. because only use it for 1 day. the no signal on wake was always an issue, but not every time i think maybe roll back to 10.11.6 and use Nvidia GT 610, or put a GT 760 4GB in and see how that goes