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  1. AMD HD 7xxx FIX 10.9.2

  2. cheapest PC GPU for Mac?

    series 6 and 7 nvidia cards should work on Mac Pro without drivers, except ti cards i believe. this was the case until high sierra, which killed gt 610 usage for me
  3. TP Link Archer T8E / T9E and Mac OSX

    hey. never had any problems. still going ok. make sure it's connected to 5GHz network, go to network settings and 'forget' the non-5GHz network. otherwise ive never had to do anything else with this card. good hack
  4. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    yup. that guy is a genius. this is the best / most stable hack ever . nothing to fix now sorry MaLdOn, i know you dont like MP Smbios, but speed stepping seems to work better as MP 6.1 as 14.2 it was 4GHz all the time.
  5. Introduce yourself

    hey guys, late intro, im from Australia. hacking for a couple of years, started off with Niresh on AMD computers - that was painful but learned a lot. TonyMac stuff was next - it's ok for a novice. I really do not like Windows, used to run Linux but Mac OSX is the best Linux distro :):) Have owned a number of iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros, even the trashcan, but hack is much more powerful in every way. my main is a z97 build, 4790k, 1TB SSHD 10.13.2, GTX 980ti with 32 inch Dell 4k (DP) and 27 inch 4k (DVI) with help from MaLdOn it's a beast! really is, the best hack so far!
  6. power nap may not show up because of a darkwake flag in clover, from my experience. anker usb 3 hub was problem for my hacks and real mac with sleep, the computer would wake up straight away with reason "?" so that might save you a few reboots was driving me nuts on a real Mac Pro and broken sleep until i unplugged it lol if you post for help re: USB3 there are some helpful guys here with a lot more skill than me
  7. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    on the bright side, the z97 4790k 980ti machine is awesome now! the USB sound card sounds {censored} comparing to ALC1150. and USB 3 mounts in an instant both those things were painful, thanks for your help
  8. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    it's difficult to say. because only use it for 1 day. the no signal on wake was always an issue, but not every time i think maybe roll back to 10.11.6 and use Nvidia GT 610, or put a GT 760 4GB in and see how that goes
  9. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

  10. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    there is no wake reasons for today. will try the kext, thanks.. it's ok, this lenovo doesnt get used much, might be more trouble than it's worth.. but the Asrock is still having issue - resume to black screen, replug HDMI doesnt fix, remote desktop reboot only
  11. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    thanks. the asrock file works! much appreciated finally ALC1150 sound, it's much better than USB sound.. ive played around with this before but resetHDA never fixed it for me and got tired of reboots to get sound. (load unload kexts also didnt work). lenovo - no change with imac 14.2 , screen goes off , machine stays on unable to wake etc, everything seems to work fine but sleep. not sure, kexts look ok. config looks ok too there is one entry i havent seen before in boot flags -disablegfxfirmware ticked. also, ive added appleALC and code commander kexts to it - it works with ALC283 but code commander reports errors on boot.
  12. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    hey. seems to be running very smooth, speed stepping, usb3 and AppleALC and HDMI sound working on both, network, etc. the only thing is the Asrock lost wake on bluetooth keyboard / usb mouse - have to press power button - any ideas how to fix? and the lenovo, sleep is broken, screen goes black, sound pops off but machine stays on, can not access through network screen sharing asrock ioreg.zip lenovo ioreg 2.zip
  13. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    ok. sorry. removed GenericUSBXHCI, FakePCIID_XHCIMux and FakePCIID from Library/Extenstions /S/L/E looks ok ioreg asrock ioreg.zip
  14. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    hey, please find attached IOreg for Asrock, the other one is problem at the moment, it wont boot 10.13.2, its ok. imaging back to 10.11.6 it doesnt get used much is no problem. Error is AppleMUController: Could not get SMCProvider, with new config and with old config - thus it's not config. i think. thanks again for all your hard work
  15. 10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    hey, this machine is so smooth now. Love your work mate! i thought i knew what i was doing, but having some doubts now he he. do you mind to take a look at this two? 1. kropka. Lenovo M93P tiny form factor (Mac mini) Intel Q87 chipset / Haswell i5 4570T 2.9GHz currently 10.11.6 Intel HD 4600 video - is ok Audio: ALC283 - patchy, kept dropping out randomly so was replaced with USB sound. Audio2: HDMI to TV - toleda HDMI-130 script way. Ethernet: Intel L217M works without issues WiFi - don’t know if it has, only used this with 10.11 and never really tried to get it going USB2/3 - seems to work fine i'm going to upgrade this machine to 10.13.2 in the next few days, if that makes any difference? thanks in advance 2. Gemini . i7 hack Asrock Intel H97 motherboard / 4790k - 10.13.1 Intel HD 4600 (high Sierra killed Nvidia GT 610 2GB) Audio: ALC1150 dropping out randomly so was replaced with USB sound. Audio 2: HDMI to TV Ethernet : Intel 1218 working with no issues Wifi: Tplink T8E working no issues USB2/3 - is ok, works after a few reboots, ha ha EFI kropka.zip kropka ioreg.zip Send me kropka.zip EFI Gemini.zip Gemini ioreg.zip Send me Gemini.zip