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    Kaylor Pro 5.1. z97/4790k. 980ti 32 inch Dell 4k + 27 inch Dell 2k /10.13.2/W10 LTSB

    XboxKilla. z97/4790k. GTX1070 /W10 LTSB

    Mac Mini hack 7.1. Lenovo M93p tiny. i5 4570. HD 4600. SONY TV /10.11.6

    iMac 14.2 27' i5-4570 /10.14

    MacBookAir 2015 i5-5250u /10.14

    now where are those Mojave Nvidia drivers??

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  1. millusions

    Question Clone or Fresh install?

    Carbon Copy, unless you want to spend the afternoon installing everything for windows Samsung migration software works well
  2. try aptiomemory fix, drivers section of clover make backups of working EFIs
  3. "Plus, killing Hackintoshes would be bad PR for Apple" since when do apple care about PR? lol if apple swtiches to AMD im switching to windows ha ha. 100%
  4. millusions

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 is out

    3.33 GB. its kinda big. prolly enough to include Nvidia web drivers ha ha
  5. millusions

    Some resolution issues during boot up.

    VGA not supported by apple yea. from my experience HDMI looks pretty awful even on real MacBook, display port always looks better or DVI. HDMI just looks rough
  6. millusions

    Help Desktop Hackintosh Cannot Enter Sleep Mode

    check in clover config correct DSDT.aml is configured? check ACPI clover config: change EHC1 to EH01 change EHC2 to EH02 change HECI to IMEI change SATA0 to SATA in ACPI Fixes: Fixregions DeleteUnused FixMutex
  7. i used to have this CPU, its pretty rubbish, first gen intel i7 will {censored} all over it. and since first gen intel is like peanuts you really have no excuse to run this rubbish cpu dont get mad bro ":)
  8. millusions

    Mouse is dead after wake

    try a different USB port
  9. install clover as UEFI if you did that, then install legacy try the other one
  10. millusions

    Windows and Magic Mouse 2

    not sure about your scroll wheel thingo. BUT bootcamp install breaks system restore in windows 10, im not sure if that's been addressed yet but system restore points etc dont work after you install bootcamp
  11. millusions

    CPU temperature & fan control

    PMW mode needs PMW fans, 4 pin, DC fans 3 pin. OS independent btw its all in BIOS. iStatMenus and iStatistica for CPU temp and fans, you might need FakeSMC_ACPiSensors, FakeSMC_CPU sensors etc kexts, im not sure, i always use them. 5 kexts all up there is some fan functionality in istatmenus but it's best done in BIOS, do your fan curves there
  12. millusions

    Broken MacBook Air

    yea.. i've done a few hacks. clover does the job for me. just a quick UUIDGEN and it's done. but you do need to reset network settings after a new smbios. i use 5.1 smbios but it makes no difference really from my experience ive used 14.2 and 6.1 on my z97 hardware, it's all good. my guess is you never reset network settings. anyway. ive explained for you how to do it, all you gotta do is do it he he
  13. millusions

    Black Screen on bootup with GTX970

    1. boot nv_disable=1 2. install nvidia drivers 3. clover, tick NvidiaWeb drivers ps. make sure nvidia drivers match your build
  14. from my limited vm experience USB3 is part of VM machine config? what's clover got to do with all this? i dont get it