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  1. hey guys, does anyone know what's required to have proper wake on LAN on wifi adapters? it seems to me that real Macs always show up in Finder / Shared and a click simply wakes them up. Is there any method of achieving this with a hack? is it some sleep proxy or something? the only hack that wakes on LAN access for me is my mac mini i think it's because it's on ethernet (IntelMausi) and the other two hacks have Tplink T9E and T8E PCIx wifi cards. it's just one more step towards that perfect hack, he he
  2. millusions

    10.13.2 issues on z97/4790k

    hey. from my testing Mac Pro smbios gives two more frequency steps to CPU, i think it was 2, it was a while back, over iMac smbios. im under the impression that iMac smbios keeps the CPU frequncy around 4GHz most of the time while mac pro chills out a bit more. but mine are without Piker script or any other fiddling with speed step for USB, do you have port limit patch? i get that sometimes with mouse, i just put it in a different port when it happens and it goes away, hasnt happened in a while. i think it's something to do with port limit patch, another can of worms, but i dont think MatchOS in clover really works - from my testing it doesnt match OS -> for the port limit patch
  3. millusions

    Site Issues

    hey guys, have had a few issues with search and things timing out, but I wanted to say some other stuff here. I'm just thinking back to when I started Hackintoshing, the first time I booted OSX installer - it was a buzz. Anyway, as a complete noob there was a lot of googling. Insanely Mac and TonyMac were the most frequent search results that were useful. I signed up for both. The thing about Insanely Mac was that it just looked very confusing as to where what is and TonyMac had clear links 'install Yosemite CLICK HERE guide' , Essential tools 'CLICK HERE' and because of that it was Tonymac that guided my journey for the first year or two. In the long run I know now that TonyMac stuff is {censored}, it's here that I learned how to build a proper Hack. So my thoughts are that Insanely Mac needs to provide some clear links to installation guides and guides in general, especially for people starting out, I mean, even right now If I was to install a hack and was looking for a guide to do it I wouldn't know where to find it here!!! it's not good what we need here is 1. Install guides with links on front page and 2. Golden builds - those are great for seeing how people deal with same motherboards/hardware and share that knowledge. Just saying, first time I found this forum I had a feeling of a mess...sorry to say. peace out No more no more no more slavery No more no more no more misery No more no more no more suffering
  4. millusions

    Intel Power Gadget old version

    Version 3.0.3


    Intel Power Gadget 3.0.3 uploading here because when I needed it for El Capitan 10.11.6 I couldn't find it on Google search but found it in my app cache. it also adds some functionality to iStat Menu 6.0
  5. thanks. i have tried that patch, a while ago, i cant remember exactly but it didnt work for me, but maybe it will work, from memory i was on 10.11 when i tried it. so thanks, thats a great idea. 4k works perfectly without fuss in windows.
  6. nice! on Intel 630? far out, thats great result. I can't get 4k 60hz on GTX780ti, have tried other cards as well. try SwitchResX . you only need to install it and create a custom resolution, after that you can delete the program. mine wouldn't even do 2k 60Hz without that. I'm not sure it will work for you but I fiddled with this a lot an no install would give me 2k at 60Hz without SwitchResX on this 32 inch MST screen (have tried all OS versions and all possible SMBIOSes), it might just work for you - SIP off for it.
  7. There's a lot of google results with Dell monitors not waking up, so I blame Dell... specially the horror 32 inch - it's a nightmare screen - so many issues since day 1. but if you find a fix please share btw. do you get 4k at 60Hz on your LG? is it MST screen?
  8. millusions

    Dual GPU different architecture

    should work. I've done it with 2 780ti and 2 980tis. worked without issues. 760 is natively supported
  9. millusions

    Funniest jokes

    I have one.. So there was these two guys and a girl stranded on a deserted island, after three weeks the girl was so ashamed of what she was doing that she took her own life, two weeks later the two guys were so ashamed of what they were doing that they buried her, a week later they were so ashamed of what they were doing that they dug her back up.
  10. millusions

    Dual Boot Bluetooth Pairing Solved

    I've tried this approach, due to frustration mainly. but you're better off disabling the motherboard bluetooth and following what camoguy wrote, also the script by Denicio makes life so much easier.
  11. millusions

    High Sierra clover won't boot.

    after you format the hard drive, do a: diskutil list see if it created an EFI partition. just my 5 cents
  12. hey mate, that's a lot of mucking about to boot Windows, I boot windows from Clover menu by choosing 'boot EFI from EFI' having tried other options this one works. you need to learn to use Clover menu by the sounds of it, when you say it boots 'Install OSX from OSX' it's just a boot menu entry, use arrow keys to change it. Or configure it in Clover to boot partition you want or set it 'last boot' which boots last boot. im not an expert like some guys here, but it sounds to me like you need to learn a bit more about Clover and Clover Configurator
  13. here is my 5 cents. I think it's more monitor issue than Mac OSX / graphics driver. I've got a dell 32 inch and dell 27 inch on my main, 3rd screen I never turn on. and this happens more than it should basically. on my second machine with similar hardware but SONY TV it never happens. Same OS, same kexts, same CPU, slightly different graphics card (GTX980ti/GTX780ti) the way I get around it is press 'source' on both screens before I wake Mac up, this wakes up the screens and I don't lose the applications layout. but I could be doing it wrong and am all ears
  14. millusions

    how to move os+ boot on a new drive?

    format the drive, drop to bash and check EFI partition is present: diskutil list High Sierra formats for some reason don't create the EFI partitions - haven't worked this one out but to format with 10.10.5 or 10.11 2. Carbon Copy Cloner, clone the existing install to SSD 3. install clover to SSD - same version as you have now to avoid compatibility issues 4. delete EFI folder in SSD EFI partition created by clover install 5. copy EFI from existing system EFI partition to SSD EFI partition 6. you can test booting SSD now at clover menu, it should boot from clover menu after Carbon Copy minus clover 7. change boot order so it boots off SSD or remove HDD
  15. thanks Riley, after much research the registry hack works on latest updated Windows 10 and Paragon HFS+. have been trying to find a 'read only' solution for a while, it's a little harder then it should be. lol tested with Paragon HFS+ version (PBay version). and Windows 10 version 1803 also known as April 2018 update - had some issues with multiple sound ouputs so ran the update to try to fix it - and it did.