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  1. thanks Riley, after much research the registry hack works on latest updated Windows 10 and Paragon HFS+. have been trying to find a 'read only' solution for a while, it's a little harder then it should be. lol tested with Paragon HFS+ version (PBay version). and Windows 10 version 1803 also known as April 2018 update - had some issues with multiple sound ouputs so ran the update to try to fix it - and it did.
  2. millusions

    Some gifs hehe

  3. sounds pretty strange. while I don't have an answer for you I would try to install Mac OSX to a usb drive connected to computer. I've experienced something similar recently on my Mac mini hack booting from USB SSD, but, leaving it on the prohibited sign it booted anyway after a minute pause. in my case it turned out to be USB enclosure problem. you can even install on a USB stick if it's big enough. sure, it will be slow to do, but you might get some control over the internal hard disk this way and also this will verify that the computer is ok
  4. millusions

    Disk Utility (patched_v2)

    awesome! thanks
  5. millusions

    Clover & Custom SMBIOS on Real Macs

    this is a fairly easy bypass by editing PlatformSupport.plist both on hard drive and in recovery partition. ive ran High Sierra on 2008 Mac Pro using above method with no issues. find a post by MacPeet he explains it in detail and it works great
  6. restoring the Apple TV to factory settings fixed it. now the log shows just ADD for devices, no removes. too bad for Mac Pro - its gone, replaced by a real Hackintosh ha ha
  7. millusions

    Installing Windows 7 with USB

    Rufus is a great windows tool to make bootable/install USBs
  8. millusions

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    used to use nothing but Google Chrome, even on iPhone , started having issues with video playback on Chrome so tested Firefox and made the switch, everything was fine. started using Safari recently but it has issues playing Plex content - Shaka errors which suggest interface error not server error. so basically stuck with them all, chrome only for torrents because of plugins, Firefox for Plex and Safari for everday use.
  9. millusions

    Some gifs hehe

  10. it sounds to me like the Wifi kext, I'm not sure but that card doesn't work in OSX? maybe things have changed since I had one few years ago. I would try without the kext, also, open clover configurator and check boot log of clover. where did you put this kext? I think it should be in clover/kext/others
  11. isn't just a clover flag for a hack? no need for recovery? reminds me of back in the day when I disabled sip in recovery and couldn't work out why it's still ON on boot. ha ha
  12. millusions

    oob gamepad

    +1 for xbox 360 controller. works after installing driver
  13. hey Herve, thanks very much! I got this command from the link you gave: dns-sd -B _sleep-proxy._udp local Browsing for _sleep-proxy._udp.local DATE: ---Wed 30 May 2018--- 8:42:45.845 ...STARTING... Timestamp A/R Flags if Domain Service Type Instance Name 8:42:45.845 Add 3 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 50-34-10-70.1 lounge 8:42:45.846 Add 3 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 50-34-10-70.1 office 8:42:45.846 Add 3 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 50-34-10-70.1 office 8:42:45.846 Add 2 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 50-34-10-70.1 lounge 8:42:54.123 Add 3 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:42:54.123 Add 2 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:43:06.473 Rmv 0 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:43:06.504 Rmv 0 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:43:31.066 Add 2 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:43:31.257 Add 2 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:44:50.623 Rmv 0 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:44:50.649 Rmv 0 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:49:39.348 Add 3 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:49:39.348 Add 2 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:49:51.304 Rmv 0 7 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 8:49:51.456 Rmv 0 8 local. _sleep-proxy._udp. 70-35-60-63.1 AppleTV 32 which really points the finger at Apple TV , lounge and office are time capsules... getting closer, lol I can see this Mac Pro getting replaced by a hackintosh soon ha ha I really thought Wake On Lan was only dodgy on Hackintoshes lol, now I know why it never really worked
  14. hey guys, our Plex server is on a Mac Pro 3.1 , gigabit ethernet connection to time capsule (no backups, no time machine) running High Sierra 10.13.2 off a samsung SSD 256GB it works well, apple tv wakes it up and puts it to sleep as required - well, it works well except this LAN wake ups .. when i set it up it was waking up every couple of hours, now its every 5 minutes.. WTF any ideas how to make it stay asleep for longer than 5 minutes without turning off 'wake on network' ? HELP thanks in advance log: