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    Stuck on Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport (Clover)

    Sorry, I forgot to say I'm pretty new to clover. Where do I put that? In the boot flags where I put -v and stuff?
  2. I followed that guide on that other popular hackintoshing forum for installing Yosemite with Clover but I can't get the installer to boot. I mostly did what it says with the addition of a FakeCPUID in there to make my G3258 work and I have it booting in verbose mode. I had the installer booting once a few months ago with this same method but gave up. I'm trying again but I when I try to boot the installer it gets stuck on some Ethernet problem (look at picture). Can anyone tell me what my problem is? Is it something with FakeSMC, the config file, or what? My system specs are G3258, MSI H81I, GTX 750Ti. Let me know if you need any more information. The guide I followed can easily be found through a google search but I'm not allowed to link it here. Thanks in advance!
  3. The problem with using the G3220 is that you would have to find a graphics card that works out of the box otherwise you will not be able to complete the setup. If you have a graphics card that does not need any drivers/kexts installed, that CPU should work with this method. The G3258 can give you a lot more performance though so I would pay a little extra for that if you can.
  4. CatzRuleZWorld

    Just Installed.

    Like VirusX said, we can't help much with the information provided. The only way I know how to help is with the booting into windows instead of mac. Just change the boot order in bios or unplug the windows one.
  5. I think all of these things can be done with an iPhone and a Mac or PC. Some might require jailbreak though... I guess this isn't an iPhone vs. Android post though so yah, it is nice to see this software on other platforms. I was actually looking forward to the texting from computer for quite a while and I was happy with iMessage but when I saw continuity had TEXT message support, I was blown away.
  6. CatzRuleZWorld

    Suggestion: Cleaning Chat

    I think adding an english section to the quiz might help but the problem might just be that people just don't care when they write which order the words are in and what that changes the sentence to. People who care get more respect which should make everyone try to english at least a little bit. About the chat, I did notice people writing nonsense in there (may have been just people goofing off) but I would think that people would just use a forum topic if they need real help and people can "chat" in the comments; I wouldn't expect much help from the chat.
  7. Thanks for catching that, I just edited it... I got the graphics working one boot but on the next it wasn't working. I haven't messed around with it much more past then.
  8. How to install Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on an Intel Pentium G3258 (Should work for other OSs and CPUs) I received a message asking me to make a video on how to install Yosemite on a G3258 but I decided to just make a post about it. Most of the magic is just faking the CPUID with the Clover boot loader. Although I have only tried this method with a G3258 and Yosemite, I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't work to use this for another unsupported processor or another OS like Mountain Lion. For mine I just followed this guide by ###### on his forum site with the small exception of adding the fake CPUID in the config.plist. In step 2:20 I used the standard config.plist to start out with. Here is the section on the Clover wiki with the list of CPUIDs that you can use. I used the CPUID "0x00010676"; it works for me. If it doesn't work for you, go ahead and find another one that looks like it will from that list. As it shows on the wiki, add the CPUID tag to the "KernelsAndKextPatches" section of the config.plist so it reads something like this <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>FakeCPUID</key> <string>0x010676</string> </dict> Also make sure to add the -v tag for verbose boot in the boot argument section of the config.plist so you can search for a solution to whatever problems keep you from being able to boot. After the installation is finished and you are installing Clover on the hard drive that you have Yosemite installed to (step 4:6) add the same CPUID you used for the USB drive or just take that whole config.plist and use it for the new installation. This can be confusing to some especially if you've never heard of some of the terms used in hackintoshing but just try to stumble though it because you probably will not be able to learn everything you need to know before you start. Feel free to ask any questions here and myself or one of the other nice people on this forum will probably be able to help you. Also please let me know if I should add or edit anything to this (I really don't know much about hackintoshing). I just realized the link I posted to the tonymacx86 site might disagree with the forum rules. Can I get a mod to let me know if this is fine? I am not trying to disobey the rules so I will take it down if I need to. Thanks
  9. CatzRuleZWorld

    G3258 Yosemite Partly Installed

    Yep, I actually figured most of this out although I did not have to set the SMBios to anything different to get the driver installed. I think all I did was boot with nvda_drv=1 with the card installed and then it installed. Now my problem is that it's installed but I can not set the resolution to the 1080p that my HDMI monitor is capable of through system prefs. I'm wondering if there is a text file somewhere that I can set a custom resolution. Another problem I have is that the graphics are pretty glitchy. It's this way with the iGPU and the 750 Ti where sometimes the title bar of a window will just not show and when I try to open launchpad it takes like 10 seconds to load. My assumption is that it might be related to the FSB clock speed thing. I've done some more research and found that there is a clover setting for the bus speed and the CPU clock speed. I'm going to try to set those manually (although they are both supposed to be automatic). After that I'll report back with my new problems. I'm still pretty surprised I got this OS to boot and install on this CPU
  10. CatzRuleZWorld

    G3258 Yosemite Partly Installed

    So I guess it worked with nv_disable=1. I got into the UI and was able to do stuff but i noticed all the animations were really fast and when I pressed a key it would input like 6 of that letter and in the clock setting the clock was spinning at about 60x speed. I changed the com.apple.BOOT.plist (I think) and added FSB=100. That fixed it i think... Next I needed to get ethernet working so I googled that up and found a kext and kext installer (this is about 30 mins ago but I already forgot what I used. Sorry for anyone trying to follow what I'm doing with their own computer :/). Anyways, that works great! Now to get the GPU working... I tried to install the driver in the link from someone's post on the tonymacx86 site and when i tried to install it said my system isn't compatible or something like that. All of the previous was without the GPU installed in the case so I thought maybe it needs the hardware installed to install the driver. I put in the GPU and now I'm having the same problem of getting past the login screen once again. This is where I'm stuck at the moment but I'm sure Ill eventually get past it and on to another problem! (so (sarcastically) excited!)
  11. CatzRuleZWorld

    G3258 Yosemite Partly Installed

    I thought I did nv_disable but maybe I forgot... I'll try that soon but I didn't know that would make something like that happen Thanks!
  12. So I have a computer I built mainly for gaming on windows but I wanted a challenge and I like Mac OS X so I decided to try to hackintosh it. After I saw that the unlocked Pentium CPU I had was not compatible with anything above 10.8 I started searching for a work around of this because 10.10 is free for me do download while 10.8 costs $20. I stumbled upon a forum post where a user by the name of new hacker1746 had 10.9 working on a G3258 because of the "fake CPUID" feature of the Clover boot loader. I thought since that worked it would work on 10.10 (it didn't seem as if anyone had tried this yet). So off I went following a forum guide to install 10.10 with Clover... (I skipped to that because apparently that's the only Mac OS that works with the video card I have.) I was met with quite a few roadblocks that I had to solve before finally coming into the Mac OS X installer. I got through the installation after that without a hitch but upon finishing the setup for my user account on the second boot up it just sat there saying "Setting up your new Mac". After about a half hour of this I decided that it wasn't doing anything so I rebooted again but this time I was met with a login screen! I put in my password and boom! I was met with another perpetually propelled pinwheel... At this point now I'm thinking that the G3258 isn't supported for a reason; it's not that Apple decided to kill something just because it's old like normal but it just doesn't work with newer Mac OS Xs. This is where I'm at. I will supply updates if I ever get any farther but any help would be much appreciated! If I can't get this to work I just might put down the $20 for 10.8 and HOPE I can get that working. Full PC Part List: G3258 Pentium CPU EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC GPU MSI H81I Motherboard Corsair H55 AIO CPU Cooler (HDDs, SSDs) 550W OCZ PSU Cooler Master Elite 130 mITX Case Mac to make bootable USB drive: 2013 MBA with 10.10 Installed -CatzRuleZWorld