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    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    how you do that ?? prelinkedkernel ?sorry, i'm new with this stuff
  2. DevilCry


    is this works with Intel® I219V ?? i need answer before buy new hardware..
  3. is this works with Intel® I219V ?? i need answer before buy new hardware..
  4. fix now, i just need to increasi EFI partition, coz i dual boot with windows 10 UEFI mod.. you need to increase EFI partition if you want to dual boot with windows in uefi mode,, if you still can't, maybe you need to use kernel patch for your CPU.. fix now, i just need to increase EFI partition, coz i installed windows 10 in UEFI before,,
  5. i just finish install windows 10 in UEFI mode and now i also finished create el capitan bootable, but i'm stuck in here.. why ??
  6. DevilCry

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    hei bruh, is this tool support with skyalake prosesor with intel hd 530 and h110 motherboard ??
  7. DevilCry


    is this support skylake and ddr4 ?? coz when i try this bootloader wont read my RAM
  8. hey i just create bootable el capitan using clover uefi and it can't boot, it just stuck in here.. i dunno how to fix this, please help me.. specs : i5 6500, biostar h110mh pro d4, ddr4 8GB single chanel, intel hd 530. serial port disable, vt-d disable, but still no go.
  9. DevilCry

    Introduce yourself.

    hai, my name is Ade Guntoro and i came from Indonesia.. salam kenal