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  1. useless graphic card w/ low end other system components upgrade your specs
  2. Installing BootCamp on OSx86? - iPC 10.5.6

    parallel desktop mac girl post some guide.
  3. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    try using andys boot loader, smbios and decrypt (amd/intel), nfoces user (nforceata), anv kernel for compatibility issue w/ kp. my hack run smoth without kernel panic thanks andy your great dev.
  4. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    I have the same problem before i try osxtools assuming to fix my kernel panic acpi problem i check all system maintenance option from osx86tools then reboot and no kernel panic successfully load into leopard without a -f -v flag
  5. im frustrated trying my hack to identify as mac pro to geekbench
  6. Can't play Starcraft (10.5.6)

    i can play starcraft on 10.5.6 retail leopard, try switching dvi or analog connection from video card to monitor it works on my samsung t220
  7. Leopard in VMWare without Intel VT?

    newer version of vmware do not support mac osx due to legal issues. tips: try to google mac osx leopard for vmware like pcwiz osx install pack
  8. AnV Chameleon boot loader

    i admire andy for his enthusiasm good job! suggestion to make your work user friendly like us noobs make a package installer on all of your works thanks.