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  1. Hi All, I just upgraded to 10.6.4 and lost the video out. Right before showing the login screen, the screen goes off and back.... as if the OS turned off the video out. The monitor shows no video and the status led is blinking. Any ideas?
  2. TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    I am glad it is working for you guys!
  3. TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    Here is the one on my extra folder! smbios.plist.zip

    Thanks for the advice! Looks like a solid netbook/laptop for a dual boot setup.
  5. TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    I tried a different smbios.plist and works like a charm now. Thanks!
  6. Check here: http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ Read down where it says... Update to 10.6.3 There is a link for the AppleHDA_10.6.2.kext and some information about this upgrade as well. Good luck!
  7. TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    I placed the smbios.plist on my Extra folder and still have the same error. I also changed the serial. Anyone willing to add a more detailed explanation on how to get this done? Appreaciate your help in advanced!
  8. Pentium E2160 Supported?

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I was going to buy a C2D for my wife's build. Her PC already has that chip and was not sure if it was supported. With the board I intend to use (GA-EP45-UD3P), I could potentially OC that chip. Seems like that particular chip... overclocks like madness. We will see!
  9. All, I searched around the forum/Google for this answer and I only got conflicting information. Very simple.... The Pentium Dual Core E2160.... Supported on Snow Leopard (Vanilla Kernel)? Many of the posts I find are from 2008 where iAtkos and other hacks were still available. So... I could not find if those builds were on vanilla or not. Thanks in advanced!
  10. I have had good successes with two Asus P5K-VM and many Gigabyte P45-UD3 boards. I have personally tried.. EP45T-UD3LR EP45-UD3P EP45-UD3R I get them on Overclocking PC forums where the majority of the high end users are moving to i7. So those GA boards that are still VERY good for a overclock Mac are available for cheap. Both of the P5K-VM cost me less than 45.00 each. My EP45-UD3P is running at 3.8 GHz on a Q6600. It will be @ 4 GHz as soon as I get a new Heatsink. :-) That is what I like about OSX86.... having a solid Mac with the flexibility that PC motherboards offer. Overclock, OC Memory and a variety of video cards currently not supported by Apple. Good luck on your build!

    Ohhhhh! I understand now! It would require somebody to write a driver from zero which is a steep goal. Not everybody has the skill sets and experience required to do it just for fun or hobby. BTW... you just cleared me the term "inject" commonly used on the Mac scene/forums. That has been an eye opener for me. Oh well! It seems that the Netbook will have to be put on hold. BTW... the Mackbook Air at 1800 USD is out of reach for the moment. No that it is not worth it, its just the price is to high. For that money I would be able to get a supported netbook and a desktop running OSX86. I may consider selling my netbook and buy a supported one.

    Hi Mushishi, I understand that for graphics cards, it may be a bit different than other hardware like Eth cards, wireless cards, sound cards, etc. I see a lot of the latter hardware providing their own software/driver to work on OSX. However, it is true that nothing besides the supported video hardware seems to be working if not originally supported by Apple. It is sad to hear the message of the developers effort. I am a Moderator at evolution m.net (Same username) which focus on Mitsubishi Evolution Cars and participated on many developments for certain changes to the main car ECU way far beyond the reach of Mitsubishi Support. Assemblying and Disssaemblying BIOS, flashing memory,pushing boot loaders, etc. I thought there would be similar approach here. On another note, it may be the case that this is not possible on OSX86 to accomplish that. I just do not have the experience and exposure to Apple to say one way or the other. Thanks a lot for pointing this out! Seems fair to me.

    lastowl, Thanks for the offer extension! Let us know what you need when the time permits. The Acer 11 inch makes for a good mac netbook and I think that the video card is the only thing lacking for a complete swap to SL.
  14. Ok! I solved the issue! It seems that Autonegotiation with my router was not good. I needed to force the use of Gigabit speed and viola. I can transfer at 20+ MBps.
  15. All, I have a EP45-UD3P motherboard which uses a Realtek 8111C that it seems that it is stucked at 11MB/S for data transfer which is similar to a 100 link instead of a 1Gbps. More interesting is that when I look at the Network Utility, it does not show the speed of the link which is a bit weird. It shows 0Mbps , see screenshot below. Any thoughts of what may be causing this? Thanks a lot to all in advanced!