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  1. Leopard Perfect Install

    OneTrack, Have you tried dual boot yet? What is the advantage of grub in v7? I had to wipe out my drive and I will be re-installing via your process again (I don't forsee any problems due to your excellent guide and my previous install). I have already installed Windows XP and I plan to do the following. Please review and advise if you see any problems with this. 1) Make second 10G partition following to installed Windows XP pro. 2) Install OSX86 10.5.0 using your method. 3) Install secondary kext and 10.5.1 update. 4) Copy Chain0 file from /usr/standalone/i386 5) Reboot with Windows XP CD, repair using fixmbr 6) OSX MBR will be replaced with Windows XP 7) Copy chain0 to c:\ 8) edit BOOT.INI to add C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" 9) reboot I will keep you guys posted if this works. Thanks.
  2. Leopard Perfect Install

    Here is what I did: Downloaded Ubuntu CD from www.ubuntu.com. Burned the iso and booted into it. Then follow the instructions from http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/ind...32859-2150.html . Instructions copied here from the link. 1) put the usb stick into the PC and boot Linux off the live cd 2) once its booted, open a terminal or command prompt as root 3) cd /proc/asound there will probably be a directory here called "card0" (eg) 4) cd card0 5) there will be a file here called "codec"something or other, eg. codec#2 6) this is a text file, you can type 'cat codec#2' and see text 7) save text file to usb stick: 'cat codec#2 >/media/kingston' (based on where your USB stick is mounted) After booting into Leopard, just place the saved text file on the .16 AppleHDA Patcher found somewhere here. Good Luck.
  3. Leopard Perfect Install

    Well, as luck would have it I have my audio working. I ASSummed that I has the Sigmatel 9274D, but as a matter of fact I had 9227 in my BadAxe2 motherboard. I kept on tring with the 9274D (found here and on the web) text file and various versions of AppleHDA patcher (s) but no success. I then tried, the 9227 txt file downloaded from the web but still no luck. Finally, I tried the ubuntu live CD, copied the txt file using the instructions found here, and installed that txt file with .16 AppleHDA patcher. Luck would have it, it worked. Lesson learned (live CD is the best way to get the audio information out for patching). Hopefully my experience will help other people. My last problem now is that I lose network connection after a "sleep". I can sleep and wake up properly. Again, I am still at 10.5.0. I will update sometime tomorrow and keep you guys updated. Everyone, thanks for all your posts and moral support. (keywords Sigmatel 9274D 9227 Leopard 10.5.0 vanilla kernel AppleHDA AppleHDA.kext Badaxe2 Bad Axe audio)
  4. Leopard Perfect Install

    Thank you for your detailed guide. I was able to install 10.5.0 perfectly without a single hiccup. The only think that is not working for me is sound (Bad Axe 2 mother board with Sigmatel STAC9274D). None of the know methods work and I think it is due to the fact that the kernel is a vanilla. I will keep searching for the solution. Thanks for your guide again.
  5. [How to] Sound for the Bad Axe 2

    Are you using a vanilla kernel or a patched version? I cannot seem to get my sound working using vanilla kernel. I have not tried it any other way.