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    Unlocker 2.0 makes VMwware 11 work as it should be.
  2. I can confirm it now works perfectly, the trick was to check "Add phython.exe to path" during the install. Thank you Donk for this, you made my day.
  3. Completely removd VMWare Workstaition 11, deleted vmware folder, ran ccleaner, rebooted. Installed VMWare 11 to default dir c:\program files x86\vmware Installed Python 2.7.to c:\program files x86\vmware\phython Ran the win-install.cmd to path vmware Rebooted When trying to launch OS X 10.10 Yosemite for vmware for Windows 8.1 x64, it stalls half way though the launch to the desktop. After inspecting the console window, it cannot find python. The readme states "The python.exe file must be on the executable PATH. If it is not on PATH please edit win-install.cmd to point to the installation path", what do i change in the win-install.cmd to reflect the path that python has been installed to ? I'm not a programmer, and not sure what to change/edit in the .cmd file. Thanks very much for releasing this update. Will report back once it's working.