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    Hi All I am having problems with sleep/wake when using OpenCore. Perhaps I am missing something obvious in the config.plist? Machine details: OptiPlex 7010 MT motherboard (Q77 chipset, AMT enabled) Xeon E3-1245v2 (Ivy Bridge, Intel HD Graphics P4000) 4x4GB DDR3 non-ECC Radeon RX 560 BIOS patched to unlock MSR2 register. IGP is disabled. Sleep/wake is working reliably when using Windows, Linux and macOS 10.14 booted using Clover with MacPro6,1 SMBIOS. Latest efi, kext and OpenCore versions as of last night. Custom USBPorts.kext to ensure EHCI + XHCI + HUB total port count is <= 15. Sleep/wake behaviour when using OpenCore: 1. First sleep/wake cycle generally works. Second sleep attempt does not. Monitor goes off but the machine hangs and does not go to sleep (power led does not start blinking). It is not possible to wake it by any means. 2. Sometimes second sleep/wake cycle works. Machine hangs with the same symptoms on third attempt. 3. Sometimes first sleep attempt does not work. Same symptoms. 4. Sometimes after second or third wake machine hangs at runtime. Monitor does not go off when it happens. Screen stops updating, keyboard/mouse input does not work, machine is not reachable on the network, etc. I have kernel serial port debugging enabled but am not seeing anything interesting logged before sleep attempt that results in a hang, other than couple of "GTrace synchronization point" messages. config.plist file attached.config.plist