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  1. lolsjoel

    DM1Z - candidate?

    Also interested in a response here. This computer is on sale at HP.com.
  2. lolsjoel

    10v gone, which easy one now?

    I wouldn't mind a little advice here, too. I've seen the compatibility chart, but it hasn't been updated in 3.5 months, so didn't know if anything has changed. Looking to spend about $400 here. I was liking the Asus 1015PED, but haven't seen anything suggesting it can take a Snow Leopard install.
  3. lolsjoel

    Mini 1018

    What's compatibility like on the new Dell Mini 1018?
  4. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Well, that didn't work. I tried installing it twice on a partition I formatted as OSX (Journaled). The first time I got the b0 error and followed a guide to make that partition active, which didn't work. So I installed it again and got the b0 error, so I followed an alternate method to fix that and got HFS partition error. Any thoughts?
  5. lolsjoel

    Mobility Radeon X1400 Back Video Plug Myth, please advise!

    I've got just about the same set up as you. Can you explain to me what you did to get the X1400 working at all on the internal LCD?
  6. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Can any insight be added? The download is about done...
  7. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Well, I'll be trying to fix my video card. How bout now? Before or after OSX is installed/burned? I guess I don't know how I would do anything after it's installed since I won't be able to see anything.
  8. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Do you do something with kexts before or after installation?
  9. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Sorry, Rufus, I don't really know what that means at all. Can you expand a bit? Like generally, what does one do with an installer? EDIT: Also, I'm planning on installing KALYWAY LEO 10.5. So any suggestions as to what kernels and settings I choose at install? I was thinking I'd just try the Vanilla kernel if I wasn't suggest any others.
  10. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Great, I know what to expect then as I tried OSX86 awhile ago, though I never figured out the problem, so I abandoned trying to get it to work. When I got 10.4.9 (maybe) installed on my computer and loaded it up, I got nothing but a black and white snow like screen (like turning to a TV channel with no signal, though more orderly). Any suggestions on how I go about getting that fixed before I even start the installation process? Thanks, guys. Also, Rufus T. Firefly, you might have the most awesome message board username I've ever seen. Well played.
  11. lolsjoel

    Can I install it?

    Well since SuperPenguin has already opened a new thread about compatibilty, I'd like to go ahead and post my system specs for analysis too. E1505 1GB RAM 1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Philips DVDRW SDVD8820 ATA Device 100 GB Fujitsu MHV2100BH ATA Device I'm unsure as to what my motherboard is. I saw in the Wiki that some two people confirmed installing OSX on their 6400/E1505 systems, but I think I recall seeing that they had SATA components and I've seen in several places on my computer that there are IDE connected components (if that's what IDE is... some sort of connection... I don't know). Thanks.