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  1. Well I'm not sure why is that maybe that vmware is more compatible with SCSI or OS X is more compatible with SCSI or maybe it's just my PC or something else entirely. BuI definitly gained significant perfotmance boost by changing disk controller from SATA to SCSI. Actually I had it already on SCSI and wanted to see what's going to happen after I change controller to SATA and I noticed that my VM is laging significantly and it worked perfectly on SCSI. After changing back to SCSI VM was fast again. NOTE!!!!: I SAW PERFORMANCE DIFERENCE ON OS X MAVERICKS VM. ON YOSEMITE THERE WAS NO DIFERENCE AT ALL. Maybe some but I'm not sure if it's just placebo effect. Bottom line I definitly recommend trying it, even on Yosemite because you have nothing to loose. You don't have to change data on virtual disk at all and it's a 5min job. You shouldn't have any problems at all but even if you have you can easily change it back.
  2. Unlocker

    Donk you are a genius!! Great work!
  3. Yosemite performace still sucks. Although I did gain some performace boost by changing virtual disk controller from SATA to SCSI so check that. It can be best seen on Mavericks.