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  1. Everything is working great on 10.6.3 using my EP45-UD3LR, just a small problem... I can't get Speedstep to work... I've tried the VoodooPowerMini.kext and ACPI kext but no luck. Anyone manage to get Speedstep to work?
  2. I honestly believe the only difference between the EP45 and the EP45T is the DDR3 RAM. As for your problem xxxshooter, are you sure you enabled AHCI mode in your BIOS? HPET 64-bit? etc. etc... Also maybe it's due to your BIOS, I updated my BIOS to F7 before installing Snow Leopard. I believe the latest BIOS for your motherboard is the F6 beta, so you may want to try that. You can easily install the new BIOS version inside of Windows using Gigabyte's @bios program.
  3. Everything installed perfectly on my UD3LR, I didn't even need to install that fix to update to 10.6.2.... I've got a few questions that I'd really appreciate if anyone could answer... 1.) How do I know if Speed Step is enabled and working? 2.) Is there an app to monitor my temps except for iStats? Which doesn't tell me all my core temps.. Thank you for this dude, my install was flawless and everything is running smoothly on my UD3LR rig. Big upgrade from my old C2D 2.0GHz iMac to a much faster quad core. If I weren't so hungry for money to buy Modern Warfare 2 I'd send a donation your way.
  4. Audio on EP45-UD3LR

    What's wrong with it being a little old? It works fine for me...
  5. Audio on EP45-UD3LR

    Sorry for the long bump but I also have a UD3LR and I came across this, and luckily I now have audio but unfortunately there is virtually no bass with the audio. If I use VoodooHDA it works fine with bass, but it's buggy so I'd rather not have to use VoodooHDA. Do you guys also have a problem with bass? The sound is tiny and flat with the AppleHDA.kext... I'm on 10.5.7 too by the way. Edit: I fixed it. Just in case anyone else has this problem, all I did was install the Audio kexts included in this pack. THANK YOU JamesDH for the pack!
  6. Everything working great, except for one problem... (I know this is common, and I've googled this a {censored} load) I can only boot into Leopard with the DVD inside the drive. I've tried changing the boot flag to "boot" using Ubuntu, but when I do so, I get an HFS+ Partition error. Also, there's 2 partitions that Ubuntu recognizes, the "boot" partition is about 100mb, I forget what it's called. Should I delete that 100mb partition, and set OS X as the main boot partition? I'm stuck, I've tried a lot of terminal things and nothing is working.... I'm using OS X only, no Windows. Edit: Nevermind, FIXED. Thanks anyways.
  7. SATA Issue Mac.Nub 10.4.10

    Keck, I found these drivers for Nforce 4 SATA. I'm not sure wether they're the same as the ones included in the Mac.Nub install, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a go. Hopefully these will fix your problem. Hope it helps, I'm going to try them out in a bit.
  8. SATA Issue Mac.Nub 10.4.10

    Really? I'm having the same problem, but I'm trying with Uphuck. I might give Mac.Nub a go see if it works. It's odd, but somehow I got OSX86 to install on a older PC Nforce4 board with a SATA hard drive, but with an IDE DVD Drive (currently using a SATA DVD burner). Well my quest continues. Good luck.
  9. SATA Issue Mac.Nub 10.4.10

    Like many of us, you'll have to wait for proper SATA support on nforce 4 boards. I'm having the same problem with my PC.