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  1. I am trying to install Kalway 10.5.1 on my main pc but so far ive not been able to get to installing it. To get the installation to boot i have to boot with "-x legacy cpus=1" Once i get the installer loaded up i open disk utility and try to partition the disk as 1 partition (currently has 3on it) but it comes up with the message "hold down the power button to turn off" and has not altered the partitions or data on the hard disk at all. The HDD is a 160GB SATA-II WD Caviar I tried using an IDE HDD but it does not see any of my IDE hard disks System Q6600 nForce 650i 4GB RAM 8800GTS 640mb What am i doing rong?
  2. refl3x

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    Were is the file that has cpu info and stuff for "About This Mac" Just wanna edit it so it shows my cpu properly
  3. Tiger Running on my Asus Eee
  4. Wow I didnt last as long as you guys.. 2 months after having my first Hackintosh i bought a mac mini im now looking to get a mac book pro as soon as i have the money!
  5. I currently have the following specs: CPU: Q6600 RAM: 4 x 1gb DDR-800 Mobo: XFX 650i Ultra Gfx: XFX 8800 GTS 640mb HDD: 160GB WD Caviar SATA-II I want to install Leopard on my PC as I love OSX but my Mac Mini is not quite fast enough for some of the stuff i want to do. I cant try to install OSX yet because i dont have a SATA Optical drive and OSX wont install using a IDE one?? Are there any problems with my spec, I would prefer if most things worked in OSX including sleep, Im willing to sell some of my stuff and buy new bits if its going to be more compatable, and recomendations would be great
  6. Ok so i just tried to install the old Tiger i had on disk because someone said its easier to upgrade to leopard from tiger but it doesnt pick up my HDD. I have a SATA drive is this why? and is this just on tiger that it doesnt pick up sata drives or on leopard aswell? what will i need to get it to see my hdd? Im currently downloading toh_x86_9a581_rc2 My full system specs are: q6600 2gb 6400 DDr2 8800 GTS 640mb xfx ultra 650i mobo