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  1. I have EP35-DS4 (BIOS F6, 2009/06/19) and tseug's installer worked flawlessly (32 and 64bit kernel). @gbuster: Update BIOS and make sure you have the correct BIOS settings. @tseug: great installer, thanks!
  2. Try using Chameleon. Some people reported problems with 45nm CPUs and PC-EFI. karaakeha1 hinted this might be a problem with incorrect bus speeds/rtc readings from PC-EFI. I didn't have any problems playing one 1080p and one 720p video at the same time with the Q9450 on 3.2 GHz.
  3. Time Machine funktioniert nicht

    Also zumindest auf den Gigabyte Boards (E)P35 ist der TM Fix eigentlich nur, die Ethernet Karte auf "built-in" zu setzen. Das geht entweder über eine gepatchte IONetworkingFamily.kext, oder aber viel einfacher mit EFIStudio und EFIString, der dann in die com.apple.boot.plist geschrieben wird. Bei den Realtek 8111 chipsets kommt halt das Problem dazu, dass man entweder kein AFP/Bonjour hat, oder DHCP nach dem Sleep nicht geht. Die einfachste Lösung ist dann eine Netzwerkkarte mit Realtek 8169 Chipset (für 10 Euro) (und dann natürlich wieder EFI String oder IONetworkingFamiliy.kext)
  4. I would recommend it even. There might be problems with PC EFI and 45nm CPUs (see http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=112531 Chameleon runs fine, though. See my signature.
  5. Not sure which problem's you're talking about. Any details? Using latest BIOS F4 (EP35-DS4), everything runs fine here.
  6. I have the Q9450, and don't have any of these issues. running vanilla 10.5.4. karaakeha1 told me, Chameleon (vs. PC-EFI) makes the difference in recognizing FSB/Bus speed/... correctly.
  7. Hi ls8. A short question about external USB drives and wake-up after sleep. If I put my system to sleep while having a USB drive with 2 partitions mounted and then wake the system up again, I always get a warning that the USB drive has not been properly unmounted. The drive properly re-mounts afterwards and OSX tries to replay the journal, and no data is lost and no other problems. Just wondering if this is a common problem or did I miss anything? Thanks
  8. Power-off-bugfix von hier: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=76404 Damit's noch einfacher ist, hab ich's attached. Das ist ein Package, das mit einem eigenen Installer kommt, also easy. PowerOff_bug_fix.pkg.zip
  9. I have the same mobo as you. See my sig, sleep works fine (wake-up by power button). Not sure which kext it is, but I'd say the general recommendation is: the fewer replaced kexts, the better. If you install vanilla 10.5.4 and karaakeha1's kexts you should have a stable hack.
  10. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Look at the threads in my signature. For 1) you'll need AppleACPIPlatform from karaakeha1 and the shutdown fix (which must be installed on HD) 2 and 3) already answered, use the SMBIOS provided there if you like (version 28), although iMac is ok. 4) you can also use an EFI string and put it into boot.plist (not sure if this also works in the initrd)
  11. Hi Sascha. Was fuer eine CPU hast Du denn? Für shutdown gibt es einen poweroff-fix: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=76404 Funktionsweise: beim shutdown wird auf einen core geschaltet, dann klappt es. Für Sleep: Welche AppleACPIPlatform kext hast Du denn? Fürs Aufwachen: Mit Mouse/Keyboard geht es nicht, beim EP35-DS3/4 usw. muß man den Powerknopf drücken. Dann wacht er wieder auf. MarcP
  12. Hi newmacky. So do you run boot-132 from USB Stick, DVD or did you replace Chameleon's boot on the root drive? I tried the last (replacing Chameleon's boot with the one from boot-132), and put karaakeha1's extensions onto root's Extra/Extensions. But this only works if I use the "-f" kernel option. Otherwise only some of the kexts get properly loaded. So, I still prefer the old school way using modified kexts and EFI String for GFX, Audio & Ethernet (for a cheap RTL 8169 card) Also, I added a RTL 8169 based card, but I still get quite a lof of GetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 , although Timemachine works.
  13. That's great news, as I was just about to ask that. As I understand, the ACPIPlatform is necessary for sleep/restart to work correctly. How does one patch the original kext? Compile from sources? Do you have any information?
  14. hi karaakeha1. thanks, i've been reading this forum for quite some time now. you guys are really great. Checking the build: I open the kext package and just read the version.plist. It states version and build number. Then I use the FileMerge application to see the differences of the files (or the diff shell command). I also have a MBP 15'', 2.5 GHz, running 10.5.4, and it has the 1.0.4 build 260 as well. So, I'll just give both a try. I still hope I don't need a modified kernel to run the Q9450.
  15. Hi karaakeha1. I saw your latest kexts.zip contains IOAHCIFamily version 1.0.4 build 58. In your previous install package and in _Latest_Kexts_for_Hard_Drive.zip you had a newer version 1.0.4 (build 260). Any special reason for this downgrade to build 58? In the moment I'm trying to pick the best kexts in order to write my own install script. (One thing that scares me are some reports on 45nm cpus which might require a patched kernel (modbin 9.4.0 for 10.5.4), due to problems with RTC...) Thanks