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  1. kd503_b

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    I had success with el cap on XPS 430
  2. Tried Valley - same story. Around 1400 point in Windows, in OS X around 1000 . I think my problem is with the AppleGraphicsManagement kext not boosting my gpu when it's under load.
  3. I just bought a gtx 680. The card is a 2 gig version from Asus. I haven't installed the nvidia web driver. The card is getting 40 fps in Windows 10, whereas in OS X under 30 fps. Does anybody know what's the problem?
  4. Is there a way to make the sleep work? I installed Sleepenabler.kext but the laptop doesn't go to sleep. When I press the Sleep button the screen goes off but I can still hear the fan spinning .
  5. kd503_b

    Shutdown problem with El Capitan

    After a while the problem came back. Also I noticed something odd - when I press Shut Down my computer shuts down and after a second or two it starts up again. Any help is appreciated!
  6. kd503_b

    USB 3.0 Problem with El Capitan

    I noticed something really weird. After installing AppleUSBXHCI.kext i can't see my card anymore.
  7. kd503_b

    osx performance

    Do you have full gpu acceleration?
  8. kd503_b

    osx performance

  9. kd503_b

    USB 3.0 Problem with El Capitan

    The chip on my card is Nec µPD720202 , so the kext for that orico card wont work.
  10. I finally installed el capitan. My computer has only usb 2.0 on the motherboard and a usb 3.0 pci-e add-on card (In Windows it is recognized as Renesans Nec µPD720202). Both usb 2.0 and 3.0 port were working in Yosemite. Now, on El Capitan, usb 2.0 ports are working, but the usb 3.0 ports on the usb card are not. They are recognized and even the external drive, plugged in the usb 3.0 is recognized but it does't show up. I tried some other usb devices but they don't work too...
  11. Thank you very much. The kexkts worked.
  12. kd503_b

    Shutdown problem with El Capitan

    I had Wake on Lan enabled and when i disable it my computer shuts down properly! C.Frio, thank you very much! God bless you!
  13. kd503_b

    Cheapest video card for Yosemite/Mavericks

    I ended up getting 9600GT for 15 Euro. Both DVI outputs are working with no problem!