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    There is an X199? I have a loaded up x99 that does not even have a 4G decode option in bios (maybe its always forced on?) that is fully loaded up with PCIe cards and it boots fine. I have a z370 board with less hardware that needs 4G decoding enabled to boot. All definitely comes down to how much hardware you have enabled and some hard to understand specifics of each motherboard/firmware design. Thunderbolt, iGPU, dGPU and some RAID cards seem to be the worst culprits. Aptiomemoryfix has been the hands down best solution though and i really thank you for continuing its development. About macOS only using 32bit addresses when it starts, would a future version that can do 64bit addresses not be the holy grail that finally solves this once and for all? And why can you load up a real mac with as much hardware as it can possible support and never run into memory allocation issues on boot? Thanks, g\
  2. Hello @MaLd0n, Here is my sendme info again. this is already based on your work not long ago. But i have enabled iGPU in headless mode, which is working well so maybe it needs nothing new. But also wondering about your recent work with Z370 and if it can be applied to improve my ACPI. Thanks! g\ https://www.dropbox.com/s/08gch5uzmumafif/Send me GustavMahlerIII.zip?dl=0 Z370 Aurous Gaming 7, GTX 1080ti, TB3, UHD630 (headless acceleration working)
  3. with this DSDT: Focusing on Thunderbolt for the moment. Some interesting results. 1) no more express card in menu bar, also thunderbolt controller and devices do not appear at all in system profiler PCI devices, but may be found elsewhere in system profiler,. for instance firewire appears under firewire, even though it does not show up in PCI devices list. 2A- devices plugged at boot always appear (as expected) 2B- devices can very reliably be hot-removed. no system crashes. Device disappears from system profiler (for instance if it was there under firewire or ethernet- again it never shows up in PCI list) 2C - hot plug is very inconsistent. usually hot plugging a device does not work, however in a couple of cases it seems to work. for instance- boot with firewire in one port and 10G in the other port. Remove firewire (success) plug back in firewire (nothing happens), remove 10G (success), plug in firewire to port previously occupied by 10G (success). further hot plug events do not work until reboot. here is a sendme file. I booted with a blackmagic decklink card in one port, and an akitio RAID station in the other (akitio raid station has 2 sata drives, a usb3 controller with SD card reader connected, and intel GbE i210). I then plugged in the firewire adapter to the akitio raid station so it is #2 in the chain, and it was a successful hot plug (now see a firewire bus in system profiler). I then generated the sendme file. You are amazing, so many thanks! g\ PS- the other onboard ethernet (i211 based) is no longer showing up or working, it was working before with the hacked small tree drivers and fakePCIID. Send me Tims-iHac.zip
  4. Unfortunately hot-plug did not work in my initial tests (more on this below). Sleep also doesn't seem to work, though shutdown does. Sleep seems to put the screens to sleep but not the computer, i am able to wake the screens unlike on the other system. In my hot plug testing, first thing i tried when i got back was to plug in a couple of devices. The system had been booted without anything plugged into TB3 ports. in this case nothing happened, the hot plug event seemed to be ignored. Next i tried rebooting with a device attached. the device showed up as expected, however hot plugging a second device caused the system to immediately reboot. In fact i found hot plugging or removing any device once system was booted with any TB3 device connected at boot causes an instant reboot. I should probably test with other devices as the panic seems to relate to the driver of on of the devices i was testing with. I will try this next. In the meantime, if i boot with any TB device connected they appear in system profiler as an express card and the crashy menubar behavior is back. For reference i attached a sendme with a couple of devices attached at boot (apple firewire adapter with TB3->TB2 adapter on one port, and TB3 enclosure with 10GbE on the other port). Thanks! g\ Send me Tims-iHac.zip
  5. Hi Mald0n, Updated my EFI files. Here is the send me file attached. I am working remotely at the moment so can't test hot plug but will test it tonight. I do notice the express card in the system profile and menu bar. Menu bar does not crash and only the thunderbolt controller is listed as express card but thats probably because I don't have any devices plugged into it right now. thanks! g\ Send me Tims-iHac.zip
  6. Hi Mald0n, I have another system that could use some of your magic. This one is based off the GA-Z170X-Designare, which has a built in TB3 controller. Thanks! g\ Send me Tims-iHac.zip
  7. Thanks so i assume I should use the DSDT02 file with cosmetic patches? Do you recommend i enable the iGPU? I notice your edits include PCIHotplugEnable. Should i have hot plug support over thunderbolt now? Any other advice? Big thanks! g\
  8. IOReg with new DSDT02. System profile no longer shows express card devices and has unique names on the "PCI bus". this seems good no? also no crashy express card menu bar. Thanks, g\ and ioreg from the "without cosmetics" version (ioreg file labeled nc). shows no PCI devices in system profile. Thanks, g\ Gustav Mahler III 0226-1752-dsdt02.zip Gustav Mahler III 0226-1805-nc.zip
  9. Hi Mald0n, I did as you asked. Its hard for me to tell if DSDT02 loaded or not though. Still looks like the same names in system profiler, and same menubar behavior. here is the new ioreg output. ps. I also notice that in system profile PCI devices it says IMEI drivers are not loaded, does that seem odd? Thanks, g\ Gustav Mahler III 0226-1629.zip
  10. Boot is good. Shutdown works (this had been an issue in the past) sleep does not work, screens went to sleep but system never seemed to turn "off", and attempts to "wake" the screen failed. hard reset and got an apple error report explicitly saying a sleep-wake event failed. TBH i dont really use sleep so thats very low priority though certainly would be nice. There is one weird issue with the current DSDT, which is it lists a bunch of "express card" devices in the system profiler. This includes the thunderbolt controller and i think the attached devices. But it has the result of putting an express card menu bar icon on my menu bar, and a side effect of this is that all the apple first party menu bar icons take a very long time to load after a boot, once loaded they work fine but if i click on the express card menubar icon all the apple first party menu bar items disappear (like a menubar crash but only for apple first party icons, like the sound icon, clock and user, notifications center, etc). They eventually return but this seems pretty buggy. Also wondering, wouldn't be better to identify the nvidia graphics as GFX1 in ACPI instead of GFX0? This should in theory get around applegraphicsdevicepolicy issues on its own? here is the latest "sendme". Thanks! g\ Send me Gustav-Mahler-III.zip
  11. Thanks for the very fast turnaround. Here is the new "sendme". The only modification i made was to put my old system IDs/Serial into the config.plist in the clover folder you sent before replacing my old folder. I just didn't want to confuse messages, etc. Thanks, g\ Send me Gustav-Mahler-III.zip
  12. jesus, I must have forgotten to hit "attach". original post updated. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321872-guide-sierra-high-sierra-on-mobos-serie-100-200-300-skylake-kabylake-coffeelake-dsdt/?p=2597879 Thanks! g\
  13. Hi Mald0n, Can you have a go at ACPI for gigabyte Z370 Aurous Gaming 7 (with GC-Alpine Ridge installed). Also your "runme.app" is quite amazing. Thanks, g\ Send me Gustav-Mahler-III.zip
  14. Congrats. Any chance you would be willing to make a sort of master post that links the files needed and runs through the process, as sort of an (un)official HS update post for this board? g\